Lower Back Exercises For Easy Relief

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 If you try to lift a heavy object or suddenly try to take out something, it may result in lower back pain. This pain usually troubles you for a couple of days. Relief to your pain may come in different forms, may be simple painkillers, stretching exercises, aerobics, lower back exercises or even by surgical methods. So if you are interested to face the physical challenges without surgery and drugs, this article is for you.
Complex bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves make up the lower back area and this part is excitingly adaptable to a wide number of functions and movements. This area is easily vulnerable to injuries because of the complexity of this region. Our modern lifestyle accounts for most of the pains as we rarely find time for exercises. If there is an acute case of lower back pain, you have to consult an expert physician for medical assistance. But in the case of minor back pains, the reason is strained ligaments and muscles in the lumbar region. You can try some of the lower back exercises for an effective relief from the pain. It includes:
Initial exercise program
The initial lower back exercises includes easy to do ones like “ankle pumps”, “heel slides”, “abdominal contraction”, ”wall squats” and “heel raises”. The ankle pumps are the easiest exercise that you can do in the initial stage of your pain. You have to lie on your back and move the ankles up and down. Repeat this exercise 10 times. This is one of the simplest lower back exercises that strengthen your lower back muscles.
Intermediate exercise program
After the initial program, you can start the intermediate set of exercises that are specifically designed lower back exercises for complete relief from the pain. This program includes “simple knee to chest stretch”, “hamstring stretch” and many others. In the simple knee to chest stretch exercise, you have to lie on your back, bent both the knees and bring one knee up to the chest by holding the thigh behind the knee. Hold it for some time and then relax. Repeat the exercise for several minutes on each side.
Lumbar stabilization exercises
This is one of the perfect lower back exercises that stabilize the lumbar region. This is done with the help of a Swiss ball and you have to lie on your back with calves resting on the ball while the knees are kept bent. Contract the abdominal muscles while you slowly straighten one leg.
Bridge exercise
Keep your arms to the sides when you begin the exercise. Keep your feet flat on the floor and bent your knees. Try to slowly lift your hips from the floor while contracting the hamstrings and butt muscles as you lift from the floor. Then slowly come to the initial position. Bridge exercise is one among the most useful lower back exercises that gives a quick relief to the pain.


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