Id Learned to Keep Strong by Wicked Paso, The Fox

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The elder foal named Id was weak and small; where as the younger foal named Idle, was strong and big.
One day the Id asked their parents to keep it along them. But mother refused, by telling that you are weak and small, so you cannot go with us and they took Idle with them. Id was very sad. It had three friends, namely El (the donkey), Paso (the fox), and Ken (the rabbit).Id decided to talk with their friends how to become strong and big?
So Id called El and asked that how it became strong and healthy.
I am not sure but its better to ask Paso, because she is very intelligent, replied by El.
Then they came to Ken and it also replied negatively, meanwhile their third friend was passing through them, it was Paso.
They all came near Paso and asked the same question. Paso was very keen and wicked. So it replied; that know the answer but now I am in hurry you can come tomorrow for answer.
Next day when they reached to Paso’s place, it carried a magazine in her hand.  The magazine carried a lot of information about keeping healthy and strong. Paso told them that if Id wants to become healthy so it has to eat chicken, and yew.
Id was very happy, it came home with joy. Id went to mother and said mom I need chicken and yew to eat. Mother was surprised to hear this.
“No”, you can’t eat chicken, because you are a baby horse, and you cannot eat it..  And as you are an Arabian horse so yew is poisonous for you.
Id became so sad, and again went to Paso for alternatives. Paso told it that instead of chicken, it can eat duck or fish.
Id was very happy. So it went to his father this time as asked it to bring duck and ragwort for him. Father was very surprised when it heard the demands of Id.
No, replied by father because you are a horse and you can’t eat it.
Id became sad again and went to its friends to tell them that its parent did not allow it to eat chicken, duck, or fish.
All the three friends went to Paso again and asked for help. This time Paso said that I am not free to help you.
But they all request them so, it said, ok.
If you need my help then bring chicken, or fish to me and I make a soup out of it, to make you all healthy and strong. So Ken the rabbit, brings fish to make healthy soup.
Id was very happy and delighted. After an hour Paso bring soup to them, they drink all the soup, it was delicious.
Paso told them that, when ever they want to drink soup they must bring fish or chicken.
Id, El and Ken was very happy. As id reached home it told its parents that it took fish soup which was very delicious.
Parents were very surprised, so they went to Paso’s house and asked it?
Paso was very wicked, it replied that I know you are from herbivorous, and you cannot eat meat. Herbivorous only eat grass, plants, and some grains. so I put some grains in a water and make soup, and I ate fish my self.


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