How to Care For An Allergic Pony

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Usually the allergy can be identified with the repeating action of rubbing to certain members like tail raw, neck and chest. We need a treatment to cure the allergy and make the pony free from allergy. To do treatment, first we should prepare some stuffs such as bag balm, mosquito halt, halter and lead, itchy equid, cool water and tail treatment.
The stuffs above should be prepared well in order to have successful treatment. Now let’s halter and catch the pony or horse and start cleaning with the identified comb. The comb is effectively clean dirt and loose material smoothly and perfectly. It brings convenient massages and generates healthy oil fabrication in the spoilt skin. After that, make sure you already have cleaned all the excessive hair and it is free from loss hair. Rub down with Tail treatment and M-T-G Mane. They are effective to relieve the itch caused by the gnats that torment the pony or horse. The use of prescribed medicine can be priority when you want to effectively cure the allergy.
Nice massage on the chest will be really comfortable for the pony or horse. It will remove excess hair for better treatment. Do not forget to use Udder Butter to itchy skins. This medicine is effective to treat the skin into better. It works as barrier however it also lets the skin to freely breathe at once. You may go for Vaseline, but it does not recommended within high temperature as it will make the pony or horse sorer along with the enhanced humidity and heat. Actually no matter what type of medicine you apply, it should go well with the type of skin to make sure successful treatment.
After all steps have been applied, we go to fly spray. In fact, the use of fly spray is effective to make slow the attack of sand gnats. Therefore it is going to be the ultimate steps for making the horse and pony free from allergy. Please be aware when it gets to high temperature, it will be prone to excess much sweat, therefore the pony or horse should be brought into cool bathing. It will prevent the salt accumulating in the infected areas because the existing salt will significantly increase the itch sense. Therefore always make sure the pony is free from accumulated salt.
When you need more suitable information about treatment for allergy, it is better to have consultation with your veterinarian. They will give you needed information and specific treatment which is best applied on your pony or horse. We can achieve successful recovery when we understand specifically the symptoms and treatment which is best for specific allergy. Now, determine your decision to cure the allergy symptom and make the horse or pony back to normal. Actually the common prescription for allergic pony is anti-histamine injection; you could ask the vet to give such a way. Having consultation with the vet will make you easily treat the pony or horse with no hassle.


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