Evolution of The Horses And Ponies

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The main thing about the evolution is that during the 19th century there was the small and tiny creature which was then said as the Hyracotherium. As the research explains that from this creature the horses were being evolved. But many of the people do not agree to that because according to them the horses were being evolved due to many reason like there may be the decreasing of many fossils in that days or periods. They also said that the horses have the one toe but in those days the animals have the three toes and after that they said that this was not due to the evolution process in fact this is due to the degeneration that the animals have three toes instead of one.
When this was done then many researches has been done because the people wanted to know that how horses and ponies have been evolved. The after many years the developed that the specie named as the Equus created or evolved and the shape of this specie is just like the donkey but the main feature of this animal was that there present the white strips on the body of that specie.
Then there developed after many researches that there are different types of horses which were also evolved at that period and one of the main type of the horse is the pony. Pony are considered to be very short in height and is has the specialty that the pony are cold blooded animal and as well as the warm blooded animal. There are also many types of different horses through which the people can easily identify the breed and the type of the horses and that they can also relate and compare the one breed of the horse to the other breed and then they come to know that which pony or horse is better for them.
The best type of the horse is the forest horse which is basically used in the forest by the people. This is basically the heavy type of the pony because the head of this pony or horse is very large. But they are normally found or available in the areas which are on the northern side. This type of pony are cold blood which have on the ability to live in those areas which are cold and if these type of ponies come in those areas which are hot then they do not survive and as the result the ponies can die.
The history of the horses and the ponies were very interesting as there evolved many types of horses in the 19th century. One of the best types of the horses which also evolved in those days was the platue horse. The specialty of this type of pony is that they are also very small and they are warm blooded ponies and are mostly found in the warm or hot places or the countries. So the history of horses and ponies are very complicated but also very interesting.


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