Eliza And The Flying Pony

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She loved her uncle very much and had requested him to gift her a rocking horse. When her uncle had brought the pony in the house on her birthday she had loved it instantly. It had a shiny yellow coat and golden mane hanging from the head. The eyes were very well made and when she sat on it the cushioning on the back was soft and cozy. She sat on it for many hours everyday and would rock until she got tired.
One day she was playing with her dolls and doll house. It was bed time and she had eaten her supper already. Her dolls were finishing their supper of spaghetti and soup. Her mother came in her room and asked her to sleep as it was getting late. Eliza said she had to finish her dolls supper and then would go to sleep. Her mother agreed and said if she needed anything she could call her. Eliza kissed her mother on the cheeks and wished her good night. She said as soon as she finished playing she would go to bed.
After some time Eliza got tired and got up to go to sleep. She passed her favorite pony and felt something strange. It was as though the pony was smiling at her. She was happy and she said before going to bed she would take one ride on the pony. She sat on his back and suddenly the pony moved and started rising in the air. Eliza got scared first but then she started enjoying it. The pony was flying and he took her out of the window into the sky. She could see houses as the size of ants and loved the ride.
The pony took her to a special place where he was made. There were several other rocking ponies and horses there and they all greeted her with love. She sat on her pony and wished every horse and pony with a smile. They asked her to join them in supper but she refused as she had had her own. Then they gave her a small cake made of oats and a few sugar cubes. Horses and ponies love sugar cubes and oats. They get nutrition and strength from it and run very fast because of the energy they get from nutritious food. Eliza loved sugar as well so she quickly put it in her mouth and asked her pony to go back to her home.
The pony brought her home and tucked her cozily in bed. She fell asleep instantly and had a smile on her face. She had loved the ride in the air and the tasty oat cakes. When she woke up the next day she saw two sugar cubes beside her bed and when she looked at her pony, it winked at her in joy.


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