Difference Between The Horse And Pony

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The basic history of the horses are that they were evolved or being discovered from many of the year before like in the years of the BC. But the good thing about the horses are that they are now present in the world and now a days the horses are also the mean of communication.
There present the lots of breed present in the world and all of them have the different feature due to which they are looking separate from others. The most common breed of the horses may be are Arabian horses, another breed is the Quarter. There is lots of other breed available in the world like the Thoroughbred horses which are not commonly available in all the countries. There are also many breeds of horses but these breeds are not much available in many countries because they have the internal structure in which the environment can be suited.
As the people know that there are both male and female horses are present and according to many research the male and female horses given the name so that they can be easily identified that this is male or this is female. The name given to the male horse is stallion and the female horse is name as the mare and on the basis of this there also developed the names for the newborn horses as the foals, the young horses are known as the colts. They also give the names to the female’s baby as the fillies and to the male is known as the gelding.
But when we discuss about the difference between the horse and pony then the major difference between them is the size because the size of the pony is very small then that of the horse but on the other hand the ponies are said to be more smarter and beautiful then that of the horse and many people prefer the ponies due their smartness and also they have the ability to live in any temperature. The pony is also from the same breed but due to the difference in much physical appearance the ponies are separated characterized from the horses breed. There are also many miniature horses and they are different fro the ponies and the other horses in such a way that as the name indicated they are very small in size like they are even small then ponies too.
Most of the people prefer the ponies because many of the people especially women like the ponies because they are small in size then the ordinary horse. According to many researches it has been proved that the female children normally love ponies the most than that of the horses. So the difference between the horse and the ponies are being discussed but the ponies and many of the breeds are available in many countries and also many of the horses have the capability to enhance the environment and can be easily live in every country whether the country is hot or cold.


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