Facebook Helps Save Children of Living Conditions Rare – Kawasaki Disease

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There is a story  That was quite shocked when  there is a post on Facebook. Picture a mother at her son up from a fever four years allowed a rare and life threatening disease, Kawasaki disease, to be Identified, and ultimately saved his life.

Kawasaki disease can affect people sharing a particular Social Group Kawasaki disease affects children Mostly Japanese and Korean descent, but can affect all ethnic groups and involves inflammation of blood vessels in the arteries, ESPECIALLY coronary artery.

Initially detected with fever and red eyes, the inflammation Caused by this disease can cause swelling of blood vessels, the which can cause heart attacks, even in young children, the which can cause death. this to be a scary thing for most people and try to avoid it.

Unfortunately There is no specific test for Kawasaki disease show; pediatricians fail to identify the type of the disease, and Will be Felt Pls the disease was attacking the children. ter detectors and new diagnoses.

Deborah Copaken Kogan condition does not Improve after son Leo was diagnosed as inflammation, and Kogan posted another picture of the swelling That began in the eyes of Leo and chin.

Number of Reactions After viewing photos on facebook and a lot of comments and questions from friends on Facebook, and give Suggesti to Further diagnosis of the disease and exacerbate worry.

Maybe this picture how Facebook can save the life of a boy and the concern of the Friends of Free Will the make the mother the child Becomes more concerned about her children.

Kawasaki disease may be a threat to his other children ESPECIALLY WHO live and work in the region. As a result of Kawasaki disease, Leo Kogan That Suffering from liver disease would increase of the chances of heart attacks later in life, but as the day he at least felt much more good.

Maintaining health is one way to prevent Kawasaki disease. Mother Care as well as the condition of his son. affect the lives of whether children with a nutritious meal or containing certain substances. whether there is his relationship with the leakage of nuclear reactions? if any, we must caution against the danger of this, Effect of nuclear reactions is outside the can. do not let the experience with nuclear bombs will happen again in the present.

Experience Jepanng to Nuclear reactions can be our example to keep the environment around us and how we avoid the disease by maintaining our health.


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