Generate More Prospects With Creative Ideas

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Nothing happens until a sale is made.

I’ll bet you’ve heard that statement many times before. What’s more important than that for business owners though, is the fact that a sale doesn’t happen until someone gets noticed. That’s right, the sales process never even starts until there is a spark of interest generated.

Until a prospect notices you, your company, your product, or your advertising, you don’t even have an opportunity to make the sale.

So what does it take to get noticed? In today’s competitive marketplace, it is increasingly more difficult to get anyone’s attention. It is reported that the average person is bombarded with almost 4,000 messages every day, from television, radio, newspapers, internet, billboards, signs, and more. How can you as a business owner or manager compete with all that noise and clutter?

It’s not easy, but it certainly is less difficult if you approach the process creatively – trying something different and out-of-the-ordinary – something that your competitors aren’t able to do or aren’t willing to do.

You can get creative with your advertising, your message, your product, your offer, the timing of your ads, the frequency of your ads, who you team up with, how you approach prospects, and much more.

Go way beyond the standard stuff:

o How can you get recognized as the “only” one?

o What would your prospects least expect?

o Can you deliver your message more frequently?

o Can you use media you’ve never used before?

o Is there a partner who can deliver your message?

For instance, you can get attention with increased frequency by sending a valuable message on three consecutive weeks: a postcard, an e-mail, and a direct mail letter. Your message has a much greater impact because of the frequency. Creativity via the power of repetition.

Or, get noticed by sending an unusual direct mail piece. Instead of a standard postcard, why not mail a huge postcard? A really big postcard. Try an oversized piece of white cardboard that becomes a giant postcard. Creativity via a much larger-than-normal mailer.

Perhaps you can benefit by association. Can a non-competitive company mail your flyer or brochure in one of their mailings? Your message arrives in an unexpected format. Creativity via a partnership (and maybe you can do the same for him?).

The possibilities are unlimited. Your creative output is directly related to the power of your imagination. Use your “thinking skills” in your marketing plans and you will definitely increase your prospect base.


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