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Today’s food world is filled with fried foods, salty foods, and greasy foods. There are foods that come in a box, foods that come deep frozen, and foods that you simply cannot even identify. And yet, we fill our bodies with these foods every day. As we fill our bodies with unnatural chemicals and additives and preservatives, diseases and disorders such as autism and attention deficit disorder as well as cancer and leukemia seem to be on the rise
It has been suggested that healthy vegetarian cooking is the best option today to keep our bodies as healthy and fit as possible. Healthy vegetarian cooking means eating healthy without putting meats into our bodies.
The first reason to choose healthy vegetarian cooking is because studies have shown healthy vegetarian cooking linked with lower rates of obesity, heart disease, hypertension, kidney disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, and adult-onset diabetes. Eating a vegetarian diet means that you are less likely to experience these diseases and issues.

Recent studies show that vegetarians have a lower death rate from cancer than the general population. Healthy vegetarian cooking gives the consumer a stronger immune system that helps you to fight off things like cancer. In addition, studies have shown the possibility that fiber rich vegetarian diets can reduce the risk of cancers that attack digestive organs.
Vegetarians are less likely to experience these cancers. If you choose healthy vegetarian cooking, know that you are choosing a healthy choice for your body. You will be healthier and happier in the long run if you eat a healthy vegetarian diet rather than the typical fat filled, red meat filled diet of the general population.

Why  should  we  eat  more  Eggs ?

As scientists continue to study the egg they are finding several key roles the egg can play in good health. Consider these facts about eggs…
* An inexpensive source of protein * Provide a natural supply of vitamin D * One large egg contains fewer than 80 calories when cooked * Eggs with omega-3 were created by simply feeding chickens kelp * Egg whites have no cholesterol and can be used to substitute a second egg when cooking * A great source of multiple vitamins and minerals.
Eggs have proven to be beneficial to eye health. The egg has carotenoids that are much easier for your body to utilize than traditional store supplements. Eggs may actually guards against macular degeneration and cataracts.
Eggs protect the heart. It may surprise you to know that research now suggests that the consumption of eggs may actually reduce the potential for heart disease and stroke.
Eggs can help regulate cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol in eggs may actually serve to improve good cholesterol in your body because the cholesterol in eggs is dietary and not derived from saturated fat.
Eggs lower the risk of breast cancer. Studies indicate that eating an average of an egg a day can help reduce the chance for breast cancer in women by nearly 50%
Certain vitamins and minerals that are present in eggs can help improve your hair and nails. Eggs can often correct certain deficiency experienced by an individual.
Egg whites are pure protein. You can consume egg white with only 17 calories (around 20 calories cooked) for what some scientists say is the purest form of protein.
Eggs help a developing fetus. Research indicates a component known as choline is found in abundance in eggs. This is needed for proper brain development in pregnancy. Choline levels drop in pregnant women and can be effectively replenished by consuming eggs.
Your first meal of the day kick-starts your metabolism for the day and eggs provide the protein you need to help your body become a fat burning machine. Those who skip breakfast are often surprised to find they struggle to lose weight.


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