Alex And The Apple Orchard

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 Alex was a naughty horse but loved the children who came to play with him everyday. There were a bunch of children who lived in the neighborhood and came to play in the orchard everyday. They would pluck apples everyday from the trees and run away. Mr. Smith was fed up of these pesty children and would warn Alex again and again not to play with them. He would lock Alex up in his shed but the children would open the door and take Alex to the orchard. They would climb on his back and pluck the juice red apples.
Alex loved it too, eating juicy red apples everyday. He also liked the oats, corn and sugar that Mr. Smith gave him but eating with the children was fun altogether. The children loved Alex a lot and would always share their apples with him. One day it was dawn time and Alex was sleeping in his shed. He had an open window in the door through which he could put his head out and see the entire orchard. He could see the main gate of the orchard and the far end gate as well. He was almost up when he heard some loud noises in the other end of the orchard. He felt the children had come in early today so that they could pluck the apples and take them him.
He was wondering why the children had not come to take him to the orchard. He was also scared that if the children woke up Mr. Smith, he would really be cross. Then Alex thought of an idea. He tugged at the shed door and it clicked open. He escaped in the orchard and slowly trotted towards the noise he was hearing. As he approached the place, he saw two men stealing the apples and trying to run away. One man saw Alex and began running away and the other man was still on the tree.
Alex was smart and he kicked the tree one, two times and the man fell off. He began running away. Alex ran behind him and shooed off both the thieves. Hearing all this noise Mr. and Mrs. Smith came running and saw what Alex had done. He had actually saved a robbery and had guarded the orchard from thieves. Mr. Smith was very happy and proud of Alex. He gave him a pat on the back and walked him back to his shed. For breakfast Mrs. Smith made scrumptious apple pie and the first share went to Alex. Alex was thrilled that he had done a brave deed and also that he was getting apple pie. He kept some for the children and swallowed down the whole pie. The children heard about the incident and patted on Alex’s back. They got 2 cubes of sugar each for Alex and he was even happier.


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