Arthritis Disease 

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If we believe what the doctors say, arthritis is a combination of around 100 rheumatic diseases that can cause pain, stiffness and swelling in any of your joints
Arthritis disease today has evolved as the major threatening problem worldwide with fatal life- long impacts, sometimes even damaging the sensitive internal organs and muscles permanently. 
The commonly debated two forms of chronic arthritis are namely
1) Osteoarthritis
2) Rheumatoid arthritis
Arthritis disease is not any more limited to age. It has been found in almost an equal ratio in young children as to people above age of 60.If facts are to be believed then three out of every five person under age of 65 is a patient of arthritis.
Arthritis demands attention and appropriate care, or else it may lead to serious consequences of damage to the joints, bones, and skin.
We shall now discuss the two commonly found types of arthritis.
It is also referred as degenerative joint disease resulting from the wear and tear. Physical damage may be caused to joints and tissues due to accumulating gravity pressure sometimes leading to:
a) Pain
b) Softening of tissues
c) Swelling in the joints
Osteoarthritis is initially non recognizable as it is non- inflammatory in the beginning. This form of arthritis affects mostly knees, hips, spine, and hand.
It is always seen that the risk of osteoarthritis gradually increases with age, sometimes traumatizing joints, leading to obesity.
Rheumatoid arthritis
It is an autoimmune disease which occurs when our own immune system mistakenly attacks the cell lining inside the joints. It usually causes
a) Pain in the joints
b) Stiffness of joints
c) Swelling
d) Loss of joint function
Rheumatoid arthritis is primarily caused due to the involvement of genetic factors. It is not easily diagnosed as it matures gradually.
Other types of arthritis disease can be
Juvenile arthritis
Psoriatic arthritis
Treatments are today present so as to control arthritis symptoms, joint damage and improve the mobility and function.
NSAIDs are a combination of analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti -pyretic properties which are extensively used for arthritis disease but is also learnt to be associated with a lot number of side effects.
Analgesics (pain killers)
These are drugs that liberate you from pain instantly. They have short term benefits as they block the motor signals of pain going to the brain.
Natural remedies
Nature is considered to possess solution to man’s every problem. Natural treatments have gained popularity as they have been seen to be a major success, without causing any side effect or so. These remedies today are serving as a complement to the traditional therapies to cure arthritis disease.
Topical Arthritis treatment
These are like ointments which are directly applied to the skin. They provide instant relief in minor muscle or arthritis pain.
Then there are Joint surgery options, Biological drugs are available and also Costicosteroids (steroids) which are used in the treatment of disease of arthritis.


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