Arthritis Diagnosis

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 It is very important to know the type of arthritis as then only the right treatment can be done. The thing that should be considered is that the diagnosis of arthritis must be done as early as possible as this will increase the chances of recovery quiet significantly. The first thing that the doctor looks into during the arthritis diagnosis is the medical history of the patient which is very important from the perspective of the treatment. It is the patients duty to reveal all the past injuries and problems to the doctor so that they are able to get a clear picture of the patient.

The patient should be well prepared in advance to speak about all their current problems. They should make a list of all the on going treatments going on and the medicines that they are taking up. All these are preparations which lead to arthritis diagnosis and are very important from the treatment point of view. This also includes details of the all day activities that the patient does the full diet program and also about any permanent disease like diabetes if the patient is suffering with it. These details will make the doctor realize the right type arthritis diagnosis and treatment for the patient. The doctor may ask the patient to do some specific moves to check the flexibility of certain body parts. These are essential information that the doctor needs to know but now on the basis of this the doctor will make the patient go through some physical test to confirm the type of arthritis as all of them have different symptoms.

The physical examination will let the doctor know about the inner disorders of the body and also about swelling of body parts. The doctor will also look into stiffness on the joints of the body. The design of the swelling, stiffness is what the doctor wants to realize while conducting this physical test. All these steps are part of arthritis diagnosis. It takes a lot of time in the diagnosis than the treatment. The doctor will also want to know about the fatigue if ever happened to the patient and these swelling up of parts hinder in any way to do the daily activities.

The osteoarthritis and rheumatoid are two main types of arthritis which require urgent attention. Blood test is also a part of arthritis diagnosis which is common in both these type of arthritis otherwise the tests to realize the disease are different for both of them. The tests that are mentioned above are done to establish the osteoarthritis and to ignore other kinds of it. In doing this blood test plays an important part. For rheumatoid arthritis other than these tests, skin test and strength of muscle is also checked. X-ray is common for all types of arthritis as it unveils the level of damage and how to go along the treatment.



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