Diabetic Socks – Good Help For Your Disease

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Therefore, a careful maintenance is needed, to reduce the foot’s infection.
Diabetes mellitus is the most common endocrine disease and is characterized by complications that develop over time and affects the eyes, kidneys, nerves and blood vessels.
Suspicion of this classic diabetes arises is the presence of three major signs: excessive thirst, excessive urination, increased appetite. These symptoms may occur suddenly in patients younger than 40 years and are usually not obese, may be accompanied by the appearance of weight loss or ketoacidosis during an illness or after surgery (these patients have diabetes mellitus, dependent or non-insulin-dependent autoimmune mechanisms). In contrast to this category of patients, in overweight patients symptoms appear gradually in the second half of life or the diagnosis is made to an asymptomatic person who is diagnosed with high blood sugar at a fortuitous laboratory examination (these patients had non-insulin-dependent diabetes without contact to the autoimmune mechanism).
    The terms of insulin-dependent, non-insulin-dependent that describe the two states: prone to develop ketosis and ketoacidosis resistant respectively.
What are the criterions for diagnosing diabetes?
Revised criteria for diagnosing diabetes are:
• plasma glucose concentrations after overnight fasting> 140mg/dl (7.8 mmol / l) for at least two separate situations.
• plasma glucose concentrations after ingestion of 75 g glucose> 200mg/dl (11.1 mmol / l) in 2 hours and at least one more in two hours of test time (at least two values are needed to establish the diagnosis).
A great help for diabetic people is using special socks that are made exactly for this purpose.  Some patients are sensitive to normal socks; therefore special kinds of socks are needed.
Diabetic socks – The solution for people with diabetes mellitus in which there is damage to the nerves and blood vessels, therefore a high risk of diabetic foot ulcers, which at worst lead to amputation. Diabetic socks are made with silver threads, with high manufacturing standards, suitable for people with diabetes.
They are manufactured with many substances that help the well-being of your health. And as a plus for these great socks, they are also:
    * antibacterial
    * antifungal
    * anti-infective
    * anti-odor
    * washable
Production features:
The diabetic socks are produced from renewable raw material cellulose and thus are very environmentally friendly. They are mixed with combed cotton, pulled and dyed yarn. This created a quality sock, no synthetic fibers, and a pure natural product. These wonderful socks allow proper blood circulation and reduce moisture, thus reducing any risk of blistering or any other infections.  They don’t look different than normal socks, the only thing different being the therapeutic value.
So if you want to fight diabetes, the best way to do it is by combining medicine, a good diabetic diet and use of diabetic socks. With these 3 elements, diabetes will seem as a distant problem.


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