Love Does Find Its Way Through The Worst Times AS Well!

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The human need for emotional connection, love, care, and intimacy is more powerful than we may acknowledge. And, as humans, weseek outone who can provide these for us.

Relationships arecrucial in life andevery relationrequires some sort of attraction. The best attraction is about mutual interest anda joint vision of future. Partnering life costs you very high if perfect match is not made. After that conflict is the inherentcharacteristic of any relation which arises from differences. Somebody has very well said that conflicts are abundant in life. Anyhow these conflicts can be managed through disciplined discussions. Initially controversies are placed and things get highly intensified and halt at the maxima but end upwith compromises on each side. 

Also be very flexible with each other’s role and abilities in life believing that we are all imperfect. Sometimes we become victims of our expectations by demanding more than needs and necessities which keep the partner in a continuous struggle.

 In the beginning both are charged up to bring every single pleasure in their relation but soon this high spirit is turned down and relation becomes relatively monotonous. To spice up their relation few psychological changes are needed i.e. nature and scope of relation, rights and obligations, in depth understanding of moods and preferences. This stage is crucial and frustrating but partners have to undergo it anyway to sustain their relation. 

Another thingCommunication is very crucial in any relation. People who discuss things and communicate frequently are less vulnerable to crises. This is because they come to know more about each other which promotes closeness and proximity otherwise distances and gulfs are created. People who can not talk out their differences are less fortunate to live together for long. Moreover when confrontation is taken do not use aggressive war tactics such as name-calling and personal criticism, rather rely on listening patiently andtrade when the first person is finished.  Most important is how you fight instead of what u fight over. Use affirmative gestures as much as possible to avoid gettingpersonal to each other. Always talk in present tense as being retrospective will not heal up at all.  Every body should learn the art toescalate and de-escalate fight.

 Relations demandmore and more life sharing which is mutuality even in matters like going for a movie. It helps improving understandings about each other and enhances adaptability. The more they are engaged in mutual activities the more psychologically strengthened.

Financial accounting should not be considered when you are financing your partner as it opens up the road to criticism and inequalities. Successful life partners emphasize to give each other an impression of beingso special instead of feeling your own self as a superior partner.

Two people in relation make their ownrules of living based on their own rights and wrongs. Sometimes one can try to dominate the other who is a bit submissive through physical, verbal and emotional abuses. It happens as the power of attraction starts to evaporate and either of them feels the urge to have a fresh romance. Terms of relationships and expectations must be reviewed transparently at this stage for consolidation. Here be less forceful to others even being at severe differentials and disguise your contempt through emotional intelligence.  Patience and enduring a tough confrontation can contribute to maintain life together.

Finally sustaining a relationship requires commitment and dedication but having a compatible mentality is pre-requisite for a long-lived relationship. 


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