Alternative Energy | Alternative Energy And The Options Available

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Alternative energy sources are being talked about across the world in countries looking to tackle two problems. The first problem is the pace at which we are using up the planet’s stores of non-renewable sources of energy like petroleum and coal. The second problem is the emission of green house gases caused due to the use of fossil fuels, leading to global warming. Hazardous climate changes and upsetting the eco system are two dangers that are imminent on the horizon, thus encouraging countries to push for development of alternative energy sources. There are several options of alternative energy available to us.

Biomass is one of the most feasible alternative energy sources, wherein industrial waste, plant and animal waste and harvested wood could be used as a renewable source of energy. Biomass plants are easy to set up and the production of alternative energy at the expense of waste matter is a great bonus. A large number of countries have been using biomass alternative energy as a pivotal way of developing a cyclical process of waste creation and consumption to power the industrial development.

Solar power is another important source of alternative energy. Solar cells can be used to harness solar power. Photovoltaic cells can help in using solar energy as alternative energy source thus reducing the demand for electricity generated from hydrothermal power stations that burn coal. A lot of commercial establishments have already started using photovoltaic panels as a means of producing alternative energy.

Wind power is another alternative energy source that is quite popular. Massive wind farms with hundreds of wind mills have been set up to harness wind power and generate electricity. These wind farms that arrest the momentum of wind, convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity that is transmitted across the grid. It is a cheap, clean and renewable source of alternative energy that offers a viable and green way of creating electricity, as compared to burning fossil fuels. Hydroelectric alternative energy, which uses the force of waterfalls to create electricity, is another alternative energy source that is commercially viable and also environment friendly.


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