Make Everyday Special For Your Child

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A Child is always an apple of the eye for the parents. It is said that a woman is complete only when she becomes a mother and that turns out to be a memorable day in her entire life. A mother keeps her baby inside her womb for nine complete months and is the only one who can bear the agony of giving birth to a child. Moreover, a mother is the only one who can comfort her child, while trying to meet the needs of a crying baby. A quick response helps your baby trust you, teaches you to be responsive to your baby’s need and this quality comes from the depth of motherhood. So it’s important for a mother to make everyday special for her child because she takes so much of pain while raising her child.

Children stay motivated and learn more while they are having fun and in this whole world it’s one of the most difficult tasks to convince a child because they just live in their own world of fantasy and can’t see beyond.  So a mother always tries one or the other method to make every day special for the child. Mothers are also required to devote additional time for the child food habits as they don’t like to consume the food which is frequently cooked, there should be something special for them. Child is the most attention seeker and they always longs to get pampered, this is the psychology of all child. Otherwise they go in a depression and therefore a mother should understand children’s behavior. We can view parents and child as a team. When a child is not functioning well, there is often imbalance in the team’s functioning. The emotional atmosphere that exists between parents and children can lead to a healthy living.


1. Ask caring questions each day: How was your spelling test? The book fair? The game?

2. Tell your child you love him a minimum of once a day.

3. Wear whatever “jewels” your child makes or buys for you. Display his artwork; use his clay vases and bowls.

4. Get excited when your child tells you about his day or latest accomplishment. Nodding your head is not enough.

5. Request a “kid fix” (a hefty hug and kiss) whenever you feel the need and let your child know it makes you feel better.

6. If you’re out for the evening, call in a goodnight kiss and promise an in-person one as soon as you return.

7. Sing while she plays; play while she sings or dances. Duets are very supportive, often memorable and usually hilarious.

8. Use the mail to surprise your child with a comic book, a sports player’s card, or fancy pencil. 9. Send an email card if he has his own email address.

10. Ask your child what was the best and worst part of his day every day.

11. Put a note in her lunch box that says, “I love you.”

12. Keep a chair next to your desk so your child can visit or chat.

13. Ask about your child’s friends regularly.

14. Prepare the grocery list together; ask your child for dinner suggestions.

15. Compliment your child and let her overhear you complimenting her to someone else a relative or friend.

We should always do something ridiculous to entertain the child, start a pillow fight. You never know what silliness or gesture will become a long remembered thing in a child’s mind forever. Little things do mean a lot mainly to children. “Simple acts, more than expensive gifts, are more treasured remembrances of growing up.


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