Herbert Tombreul: Life And Struggle (Satis Shroff, Germany)

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Herbert Ernst Tombreul is a free lancing artist from Kappel who does abstract and modern art. His service-centre is in the Ziegelmatten Strasse 14 Freiburg-Kappel. This article is about two of his paintings with the themes: Life and Struggle. I know the artist who not only does art and painting, but is also a First Bass singer at the men’s choir in Kappel. His house walls and atelier are filled with paintings.

Herbert’s first painting bears the titleDas Leben or Life is an attempt to depict life on a canvas 1.40 x 0.50 in black and white, which the artist says is cheeky on his part. Nevertheless, if the observer distances himself or herself from the initial impression, you’ll eventually get an idea of what the soul of the artist is trying to reveal.

The tension of dark unconsciousness and bright consciousness that a human being can experience in his or her lifelong journey towards adulthood, is an aspect of the will of creation.

The dynamic of experience and the overcoming of the borders of consciousness by doing things yourself is depicted by the circles in the lifeline. The lifeline reveals the limits. The angst of self-change and self-responsibility are painted in black.

The artist shows the courage of freedom to separate from the past, the forgiving of past mistakes and the path to self-love are illustrated by the whiteness on the canvas. White incorporates the colours of life.

His second painting with the dimensions 0,72 x 0.52 in acryl colours and the structure is framed. It’s like a picture within a picture. The black bull symbolises the unconscious mind. Herbert says, ‘The observers are people, who in my mind, have to change, especially the powerful. The sword symbolises my simplicity, my uneducated mind. The area showing the border is a bridge for the artistic soul, which leads us to love ourselves, to bring changes in oneself, to the ability of forgiveness and finally to self-realisation’.

According to the artist this is the beginning of your way. At the beginning of the state of consciousness there is the separation from the umbilical chord of his ego. His consciousness leads you to the path of self-realisation. The descent from the Golden Hill goes through the Valley of Suffering to the Hill of Knowledge. The descent to the Valley of Wisdom begins with the strength gathered through self-love and the beauty of creation. Herbert Tombreul  says further, ‘My endless wealth, which opens my creativity with words and pictures, like a ray of my zeitgeist-art, and the ability in my works to show beauty and love of creation.

I wish him well in his artistic endeavours.


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