Red Cross Car Donations | What You Need To Know

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Red Cross Car Donations | What You Need To Know

The American Red Cross depends solely on the donations of well wishers to run their numerous programs and missions. Red Cross car donations are part of the efforts that the foundation has for purposes of funding their programs. Red Cross car donations come from individuals with an extra car at their disposal. Rather than fixing a run-down car or looking for a buyer for your used car once you get a new one, you can become a part of Red Cross car donations and play your part.

Red Cross car donations are very easy to make. All donors have to do is visit the foundation’s website for Red Cross car donations, where they apply for Red Cross car donations within their locale. Once applications are complete, an email confirming Red Cross car donations applications are sent to the donors. Donors should not worry about their email addresses being added to commercial mailing lists.

Within one business day, donors will get a call from the transport company to arrange a pick up date for the Red Cross car donations. A car donation receipt is delivered to donors when their Red Cross car donations are picked up. Red Cross Car donations are made within the Red Cross chapters that are in the donor’s vicinity.

However, if your chapter is not listed in their website, you can add your chapter and become the Red Cross car donations representative in your chapter. This way, you play an even bigger role in Red Cross activities. In addition to becoming a Red Cross volunteer by receiving Red Cross car donations on behalf of the organization, you get a cut from the proceeds for your trouble, once the vehicles are picked up and sold through auctions.

Before making Red Cross car donations, donors should be aware that car donations will only be accepted if the donor has full ownership of the car. Cars that do not belong to the donor should not be offered as Red Cross car donations as they will be rejected. Also ensure that Red Cross car donations are eligible for a tax deduction before making the donation to avoid problems later. Remember to keep the documents that you will receive from Red Cross as proof when claiming you tax relief.

Red Cross car donations are a sure way of making a contribution to the common good, since Red Cross has already proved its worth in our society today.


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