Red Cross Donation | What to Donate

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Red Cross Donation | What to Donate

The Red Cross is known for its participation in humanitarian aid worldwide. A Red Cross donation makes such efforts possible, as Red Cross is a non-profit organization. Donor participation through Red Cross donation makes the humanitarian efforts of the Red Cross a community responsibility. Without it, the very existence of the Red Cross is compromised.

There are numerous options of how and what you can give as a Red Cross donation. A Red Cross donation can be made through blood donations. Blood donations are required to save lives during disasters and also for emergency medical cases. A Red Cross donation of blood could save a new-born who has to undergo surgery. During emergency disasters, people really get hurt and lose lots of blood. A Red Cross donation in form of blood will ensure that hospitals and care-givers have enough blood to deal with such emergencies.

Donors should be aware that a Red Cross donation cannot be a material item. These require a lot of resources and personnel to deal with, which the Red Cross donation program cannot provide. However, material items that are in bulk may be accepted as a Red Cross donation when they meet the service delivery needs of the Red Cross. If you want to make a Red Cross donation in bulk, you should contact your Red Cross chapter for assessment.

Your Red Cross donation can be financial. Red Cross carries out training programs to prepare communities to deal with disasters. Red Cross volunteers are also trained, and funds from your Red Cross donation are used to make such training available to as many individuals as possible, thus ensuring that emergency responses are optimized. Blood donations require screening to ensure safety for those in need of them. Your Red Cross donation of funds will ensure that equipment for this is availed.

Although personal items should not be offered by donors when making their Red Cross donation, Red Cross does accept used vehicles from their donors. Red Cross has developed a car donation program as a way of raising funds for Red Cross activities. A Red Cross donation of a used vehicle is sold and the proceeds added to the Red Cross fund. This can be done by contacting your local Red Cross chapter.

Individuals who take part in humanitarian efforts by making a Red Cross donation are assured that the American Red Cross is dedicated to turning their compassion into action.


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