My Secret Way Melt The Fat in 30 Minutes a Day !

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They found no specific gene except for the … desire … Indeed, the real big difference between someone who is progressing and another is the desire to progress. Simple as that.

But good news may develop the desire and comes with the results.

In fact, the danger with the plans is to lose muscle when it is the muscle that allows you to lose weight. Yes, it’s that point that dieticians rarely explain: you are less muscular and more you will be a victim of the yo-yo effect.

Indeed, the muscle to burn the body’s energy and thus burn calories and for this reason that the woman who has less muscle mass than a man more difficult to lose weight because it consumes fewer calories.

Here is the trap of obesity … When the fat begins to develop, the muscle activity decreases as the background which gives way to even more fat and so on. This is the dog that bites its tail which it is very difficult to escape.

Moreover, this is what happens when women want to make a plan before the summer to be beautiful on the beach. So they lose a few pounds but as most of the time they wake up on vacation later, they move less because they have no work, they generally eat more because they “let go” and so on. And they find themselves at the start with more weight before the plan for the holidays.

And every year the same process, and each year the body makes a curve and down, but rising with the yoyo effect they approach gradually obesity.

So what?

I’ll give you the secret of the sport to lose weight without losing muscle. You are going to “tap” directly into the fat with this method.

But be careful when reading this you think it is too difficult for you then you do not lose weight permanently.

The idea is to do a little exercise in the morning on an empty stomach between 30 minutes and 01 hours but not more because of low blood sugar and at least three times a week. You risk nothing all athletes practice this method and can target weight loss is to say, losing only fat.

Of course you can take a glass of water or coffee without sugar before exercise.

After you have a breakfast of course, but not too rich fleeing pastries. Otherwise the rest of the day, eat balanced carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit.

What business practice in the morning?

The easiest way if you have a job and you are not a sportsman is to purchase a stepper machine. It is a device that simulates walking, but with resistance, as if you mount the stairs is not very expensive and you can practice your home warm in winter.

Of course if you are a bit sporty you can go jogging for 45 minutes on an empty stomach, which will be extremely beneficial if you have weight to lose.

Conclusion: there is only one way to lose weight effectively. This is simply the ratio of calories consumed and calories “burned” if the report is negative you will lose weight MUST. But if you move just so you burn fewer calories and just a light meal to make you fat.


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