My Son Want to Drink Coffe What Should I Tell Him ?

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The child who sees his parents or older brothers and sisters great drink their morning coffee, the child wants to imitate the older and copy their habits.

Coffee is easy to drink but it is not suitable for young children.

In fact, caffeine is a psychostimulant which has the main effect of accelerating the heart rate after a few minutes and then cause a sensation of awakening. Caffeine causes vasodilation.

Whenever possible, consume coffee is something to be avoided, especially for a young child. Coffee contains stimulants and even if there is no prohibition, for many children this is something not recommended.

Tea and coffee and cola drinks contain stimulants, but if your child does not like white milk or chocolate, it can be flavored with a hint of decaffeinated coffee, tea light or chicory from the age 8 years, but be careful not to put in large amounts, while remaining as light as possible. For example, one can start with a small spoon in the bowl of milk in the morning. The child will more easily drink a hot drink and will accompany a few sandwiches. Eat well and stay hydrated in the morning is very important to avoid the stroke of the pump during the middle of math class this morning.

Most children who do not eat before the age of 12 or 13 years. This is the age that their taste buds begin to enjoy the taste of bitterness.

But if you notice any nervousness, a sleep disorder or other, then we should talk to your doctor.

When I was a teenager, the breakfast was a bowl of light coffee with a dash of milk. There was not all industrial products today, full of preservatives, which are full of palm oil instant beverages for breakfast. It was no longer angry or in poorer health. I had my school day, my tennis lessons late afternoon and I was not more excited than my friend who was drinking his hot chocolate every morning. The drop of coffee in milk was better than the industrial or was it harmful to our health, I do not know.


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