How Top Organizations Use Traffic Counters To Improve Customer Service

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To meet constantly evolving customer demands, company’s need technology that can monitor customer trends and behaviour and provide management staff with a mechanism to optimize company strategy based on actionable, real-time data concerning the way customers interact with their product line.

In terms of traffic monitoring solutions, CountWise is the worldwide leader. Their expertise has helped companies from a range of industries all over the globe to gain a valuable insight into customer traffic patterns so that management staff can discern information relating to sales conversation ratios, marketing effectiveness as well as tailor staff scheduling to meet traffic levels.

For example, within the public transportation industry, schedules must be created to match precisely with traffic patterns in order to provide travelers with an optimized service that operates with as few delays as possible. Traffic counters by CountWise act as a transportation authority’s most productive tool for identifying ridership patterns and accurately predicting passenger traffic. Utilizing CountWise’s traffic counters, management staff can measure organizational performance by calculating such metrics as cost per passenger and passenger per revenue mile, to ensure that budgetary parameters are closely examined. With more effective peak-hour response times and more professional off-peak hour infrastructural management, organizations can make more effective use of their resources; thus saving money while increasing customer satisfaction.

In retail, monitoring customer behaviour can help company decision makers learn more about how to optimize their marketing campaigns for better in-store performance and higher profits. Z-Count by CountWise is the world’s first video-based customer monitoring platform that allows for the accurate tracking of customers within a predefined area of the business such as a department or a product display area. The utilization of this product can help organization’s to increase their visitor to customer conversion ratios with in-depth information about how long customers stay in certain areas of the store, volume of customers during certain times of the day, and by offering an insight into customer behaviour. The dissemination of this information means that management can realize a greater ROI from their marketing campaigns by adjusting the campaign based on the actionable data reported through the innovative Z-count solution.

CountWise also offers best-in-class customer service to their clients. Their technical experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that clients can always contact support staff in the unlikely event that they experience difficult with their traffic counters. And, because CountWise offers a full one-year warranty covering, support, parts, maintenance and software updates on all of the products within their exceptional catalogue, customers can purchase one of the innovative CountWise solutions with the knowledge that a dedicated team of experts will be right alongside them as they utilize their new product to optimize their operational management strategies.

Your customer’s behaviour is the leading indicator representing the relative success of your business. Gain a valuable insight into your company’s working processes today with industry-leading traffic counters by CountWise.

About CountWise:

CountWise specializes in providing people-traffic monitoring solutions to a wide-variety of both public and private companies. Their product suite provides actionable customer data that helps companies to enhance the effectiveness of their operational practices for improved levels of organizational efficiency and thus higher profits. For more information, please go to CountWise.


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