Save Your Money by Doing Online Dating

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Everything has a cost. We know it, we live it, we eat it and we breath it. This is one truth we know to be self-evident in life.

In an average day you may spend ten dollars and not even notice it. A large half-calf-de-calf something or other will have you filling out an application form for lines of credit. Every day we follow a routine we have developed over time. We have built in certain costs in our lives that we have come to accept as a normal part of daily living.

If you are a person that buys a sandwich for lunch everyday, it is quite easy to see how a twenty can evaporate by quitting time. Assuming you spend fifteen dollars a day on lunch, coffee, newspapers, magazines and gum, you are spending three hundred dollars per month on nothing really. That represents $3,600 per year!

A couple of drinks with friends or co-workers on a Friday afternoon, can set you back fifty or sixty dollars if you include the price of a cab.

So how is it online dating websites can save you money?

You can purchase a monthly membership on almost any dating website in the world for twenty or twenty five dollars. There are hundreds, if not thousands of websites where you can join for totally free.

For about one third of what you would consider spending on drinks for happy hour, you can have a membership on a dating site of your choice for a month or two.

During this time, you can search numerous profiles of other single people with backgrounds and interests similar to yours. One of the single biggest advantages of online dating sites is the ability to set your own schedule. You can go online and search for other people at any time that is convenient to you. In a recent survey by Yahoo! Personals, almost half of the respondents said the ability of being able to schedule your time was very important.

Assuming you don’t bump into Mr. or Mrs. Right at the grocery store on a Friday night, you are probably like other single people who go out for drinks with the intention of meeting someone. How many nights would you have to go out to meet somebody new? How much do you spend each time you go out?

We all agree it is getting more and more difficult to meet new people. Save your money, get a membership and set your own schedule for meeting other people. Think of online dating as a great way of expanding your social network while saving you money on yet another lonely happy hour.


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