How to Relax And Manage Your Stress During a Public Speech

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Trac management through the elimination of body tension, accompanied by deep breathing and large, all crowned by a mental preparation positivée.
Remember that stage fright is not seen as much as that expressed think.

Good preparation is the best cure for stage fright. Do not improvise. Think carefully about what you say.
Practice using the accessories (microphone, slight, computer, …) you need.
Imagine passing your presentation.

Some simple exercises:

– Eliminate the tension by shaking the ends of the fingers, feet, dynamically, to massage long ears

– Place and reconstruct the spine slowly after letting his body fall forward when standing

– To lower breathing in the abdomen inspiring short, long expire; yawn

– Loosen and mobilize segments of the neck, shoulders, chest, pelvis, knees using a circular motion

– Positive practice preview

a) imagine in advance where you need to talk, instead of others
b) you imagine speaking, the fingertips to the top of the skull through the legs and feet, eventually moving in space
c) imagine yourself repeating your entire speech (introduction, development, use of visual management silences, conclusion)
d) imagine the approval and interest of stakeholders, their applause at the end.

– Practice a relaxation exercise based on the chi kong

a) largely rooted in the ground by his feet, pressing the heels (imagine that tensions are evacuated from the ground)
b) imagine a wire connects the top of the skull to infinity of the sky
c) place the hands on each other on the abdomen, below the navel
d) the strength, taking inspiration in the roots and the hands up to the vertical
e) at the end, down the arms by drawing the breath of heaven

– Perform a complete relaxation through relaxation therapy

a) settle in a dark room, quiet, sitting or lying on the ground
b) focus on abdominal breathing (how to move the belly, lower back …)
c) head to toe, make an inventory of all your muscles by viewing and releasing
d) to empty his mind and / or contemplate a mental image that comes naturally
e) after several minutes of this practice, re-engage the body and breathe more heavily

in the end, remember that public speech is not that big deal all what you are doing is giving your message to the world , so don’t panik you on the way to make the world a better place


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