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Dreamlining is a method that helps people to achieve goals and realize dreams

The first part, ‘dream’, of the word dreamlining stands for the achievement of dreams. The ‘lining’ at the end of the word is to say that there is a kind of timeline on which the dreams and goals are mapped.

With dreamlining you set out your aims in written form which lifts them from an abstract onto a specific level. The goals become tangible. In addition, the subconscious mind gets focused on the goals and begins to seek ways of reaching those goals. Dreamlining makes both large and small goals predictable. Furthermore, dreamlining works best with very ambitious, unrealistic goals.

The key elements of dreamlining are the date and the vision.

How does dreamlining work?

With dreamlining you set yourself concrete goals. The more important a goal is, the better it is suited for dreamlining. For each goal a vision is developed. Then for each goal a deadline is set for when it is to be achieved.

The vision specifies the goal

The vision is necessary to affirm the goal. You need to envision the goal, or a picture of the goal, in your head. The vision makes goals handy and lifts them from an abstract to a concrete level.

After the development of the vision a goal is no longer an ‘I want to get rich’ but ‘I will be financially independent with a passive income of $x per month and in addition I will have $y to save for a rainy day’. The variables in this example would then be replaced by real values.

Here is another example of the difference between abstract and concrete goal. Instead of ‘I want to get fit’ a vision might possibly be ‘I will get fit enough to participate in a marathon’.

The power of the deadline

Do you know the problem with tasks that do not have a date?

  • One day I’ll make a trip around the world
  • In a few years I’ll buy my dream car
  • In a few months I will be physically and in top form
  • At some point I’ll be rich

Man tends to push tasks without a deadline onto the back burner. A missing deadline leads to the habit that we will begin work toward our goal tomorrow. Today does not seem the be quite the right time. And when tomorrow becomes today, the time is again not quite right and so, tomorrow never comes. So it happens that we shuffle the realization of our life’s dreams in front of us. Month by month and year by year.

But what happens if you set a concrete, realistic date for a goal? The subconscious mind gets stimulated and begins to produce ideas that will help you in achieving the respective goal.

A deadline makes the difference …

… if I allow myself to eat junk food today, just this once then I am jeopardizing my goal. If I want to keep my deadline to get to the peak of my physical form then I must renounce junk food. The deadline keeps me focused on what I have to achieve and when. The date I have set means I have to begin now, not tomorrow if I want to achieve financial independence. The deadline will trigger your subconscious into looking for ways to achieve your goals on time.

The success control

The success control forms the end of the process. On this occasion, the vision is given a trial and the achieved goal is put to the proof.

So, for example, if you have set as a goal to be fit enough for a marathon, a potential success control would be to actually take part in a marathon.

With a focus on the success control you can, in addition, also support the commitment. If you decide to do a marathon at the beginning of a dreamline and tell your friends about this goal, this produces an internal commitment that makes it difficult for you to give up on the goal just because of the shame and embarrassment.

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