There Are Different Kinds of Schizophrenia And Bipolar Disorders

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There are several kinds of both Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorders. In fact, they also both carry the same risk factors, causes, symptoms and complications. This may relate to how difficult is to actually pinpoint the specific disease itself. Schizophrenia is an old term and actually means, “split minds” but has nothing to do with many personalities residing inside one brain. Often the difficulty in diagnosing this disorder lies in the fact that a schizophrenic personality can change so quickly from one type to another. The person with schizophrenia may be manic, going shopping, spending exorbitant amount of money, drinking and laughing with friends and then, for reasons unseen by others, their brain will take one sentence and completely misintrepret what was said.

Even if a person with schizophrenia has a loved one whom he or she rusts implicitly, often they are unable to accept as truth what the loved one is explaining “Paranoia runs deep” is part of the debilitation that comes with this brain disorder. Perhaps the only way to correctly interpret what is happening to the person with schizophrenia is to have the same physician, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and a loving, strong support group for the entirety of the person’s life. This in itself is of course not only realistic but may well prove more detrimental to the person who is affected by this devastating brain disorder. Self-destructive behavior is one of the many signs of this disorder.

I many ways, it is neither like trying to tame a truly wild animal who has no social skills with either its own kind nor with humans.

Schizophrenia usually affects young men more than women, shows up in the teens and becomes progressively worse and worse with age. A person who is unable to accept or who is not given proper treatment for this disorder will end u homeless, abandoned, walking the streets and living is inside his or her own head. It is impossible to say for certain how many homeless are affected with this specific disorder, or if it is due to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) or of one’s own life choices.

Schizophrenia has two different manifestations positive and negative. The Mayo Clinic does not differentiate whether one is less destructive than the other is however; all symptoms of both positive and negative schizophrenia are disturbing, debilitating and lifelong without a good prognosis. Schizophrenia carries with it delusions, paranoia, loss of control of one’s thoughts or feelings, poor hygiene, risk of drug and alcohol abuse and suicide.

Bipolar I is considered the worst.

Bipolar Disorder is of two main, very different types. Bipolar type II is considered the least debilitating with hypomania being very mild and less lifetime effects of schizophrenia. However, there are also cases where both symptoms of type I and II Bipolar Disorder are present. This also makes the diagnosis of this disorder extremely difficult. For many years, up and including this day and age, it was felt that the best start of any medication regime was with antidepressants and anxiolytic. However, it has been shown that this does not improve symptoms and over time can actually increase the thoughts and attempts of suicide and drive the person with Bipolar Disorder deeper and deeper into hypomania.

The problem with a person remaining for longer periods of time in the state of hypomania; other than the obvious; is that during that time the person become less of a functional member of society and more of a burden on family and friends. If the person is the sole breadwinner for the family and loses his or her job, the family itself may end up homeless and they may blame the person with Bipolar Disorder. See, they look normal…just like you or I, until something traumatic TO THE PERSON WITH BIPOLAR.

This occurrence could be anything from the loss or the rejection of  loved one, a death, hormonal changes,  a degree received in older age that cannot be put to use, family members who preach at them, telling them God will heal them, family members who do not call  or write or offer support at all whereas fiends will stay by their side family members who do not call  or write or offer support at all whereas fiends will stay by their side, to the deepest pit of despair or perhaps the worst; a fifty-eight year old child hearing one of their parents say they have a rule that they “never call their adult children”  when the parent used to call before. One may never know the reason FOR that rule. Suppositions could go on all without any answer.

When in reality, not just all of the above but also all the curve balls thrown by life begin to pile up the older you become. Eventually, the person who is the most sensitive, and that does not matter, male or female, that will cause that person to collapse under the guilt.

Yes, Guilt. What else is it then that makes all laypeople, parents, siblings, unaware friends; even corporations love this quote, “Put on you big girl pants and just deal with it.”

Has it ever occurred to anyone with the above three disorders that all the signs that say, “You are not responsible for your disease, you are responsible for your recovery” never give a list then of ideas, suggestions, websites, book, where one change their head?

Looking for the sharpest instrument, the biggest bottle of pills, and the largest bottle of alcohol. The most destruct weapon. It all depends on the person with Bipolar “weapon of choice.” This is the number one reason the most intelligent persons realize at an early age exactly what is happening to them and hide it. Perhaps they are in the medical professional of some kind. Perhaps they are taking Pysh 101 for the first time and they see themselves in the typed text of a book. If they are in a medical profession, whom do they have to turn to turn to in this ole boy network? Yes, I know HIPAA and all well guess who HIPAA benefits. The Medical Profession, They can get your records without hours…especially if they are ahead of Medicare’s mandate to have all healthcare information on board, up and working on their own database’s by 2015!

Absolutely HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability Act)is alive and well…for the medical healthcare system! Hipaa was purported t be for the sake of the patient but in reality it is for a faster and better way to share patient information from one physician to another. Along the way, many hands touch that document and may eyes read the information. Frightening, eh?

Whether a young student nurse or a young medical student, if you have had inkling from an early age and that you “don’t fit in” are not “like other kids” and have had uncontrollable mood swings you are unable to control, you may diagnose yourself in med or nursing school! Some persons with Bipolar are smart enough to hide it and cope or to use things to their advantage that will ease the awful pain and shame of the symptoms themselves. Do you believe such intelligent young people would look on their school campus for assistance? I dont think so, and that is also due to the same reason was given above: HIPAA.

So, what are the ways to hide who and what you are inside your brain? How does one go about living a productive life as long as possible and just keep that one corner of the closet for them when no one else is there?

If one is lucky enough to realize what is going on from an early age then research is the first thing they do. It gets them nowhere but then again, sometimes just having an answer is a comfort. 

So far, cognitive thinking is the one tool that has helped.

That is what cognitive thinking does. It makes you put in print what your first automatic thought is, and then leads you through to the balanced view, Thank you, Audrey Richer. She was my therapist.

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, cognitive therapy thinking, love and support from the people you KNOW you can depend on are not the only ways to manage this life ling disorder.

The most important, and the hardest of all, is to have NO contact whatsoever with people who influence you to believe you are better off without all of the above, that only GOD will heal you; (Who put the knowledge in the doctors and therapists in the first place. if not GOD?.)  This is the hardest to do when you are in a hypomania episode. You want so badly to fix yourself, the people you loved, and the people you feel you betrayed or hurt, abandoned, or maligned that you will pick up the phone and call them! Guess what? They do not have a clue! They will deny everything you say!

Do not go, re-visit, and cut open those wounds ever again. Those people may be your blood, but they will never remember. Who Would?

As for anyone of your own blood, like a son who will not speak to you? It is probably for the best. Mental illness affects everyone in the family. That is why, in my teens and in my twenties I said I would never marry, never have children. I was so afraid I would be a bad parent.

Nevertheless, I am eternally grateful to have found my best friend and that we are still together after 29 years and eternally grateful that there are two people in this world, with independent, strong lives of their own. Moreover, I pray that one day, we get to see and touch and hold and speak our love and sorrow and beg their forgiveness one time, regardless of the reception.


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