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The legs can also play a great “flirting” role when someone is sitting.  But before I talk strictly about specific sitting moves, I’d like to talk about moves that can definitely be executed and looked for in a sitting person, but these few things can also be seen in a sitting position and they mean the same thing.  At that point I will go directly into sitting non-verbals.

Regardless of whether the person is standing or sitting, on or rocking back and forth up onto their toes it means that they are eager.  Could this mean they are eager to be with you?  Possibly!  If a person moves one foot toward the other person it is a sign of wanting to get closer, but pay attention because if they pull their foot back it is a sign of disinterest.  If the foot goes forward and then back and repeated as such it is often a game of chase where the person wants you to chase them.  If the person moves their foot like this and bounces their body it usually is a sign that they want to dance.  If they are tapping their toe, it possibly is a sign of impatience, however, depending on the setting you are in, if there is music, the person might just want to dance.  Watch for a swaying body that goes along with the tapping toe, if the person is swaying their body they probably want to dance.

If a person is standing or sitting with their legs crossed it can indicate two things, one, that they are shy and two that they are flirting with you by being coy.  In order to determine whether they are shy or coy, watch for their facial expression, if they are smiling in a relaxed way they are most likely being coy.  If they are tossing their hair, they are definitely being coy.  If the person has their hands behind their body and/or their head lowered, they are definitely shy.  

Now, let’s start looking at the numerous non-verbals to watch for when sitting.  The first one to be on the look out for is if a person is sitting with their legs slightly open, this non-verbal means they are relaxed and laid back.  Sitting in this position can also show off the crotch shot, which is a sign of sexual interest.  However, if the person is sitting with their knees together, just like when they are standing, it means they are anxious.  If a person is sitting with their feet under their chair that is a sign of eagerness.  Hopefully, the eagerness the person has is to be with you.  A fantastic non-verbal to do and to see is when a person is sitting and shaking their leg.  This particular movement means that they are mildly stimulated, if they are shaken their leg vigorously it reveals that they are nervous and apprehensive.    

This is just a glimpse of all the things the legs can do, primarily when sitting but there are more.  Be on the look out for another article on legs entwined and more!


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