Body Language Men Use to Flirt With Women

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Flirting through body language is one of the most used forms of communications between a man and a woman but also one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted forms of communications. It can often lead to  confusion that may end up in hurting other people. Hence it is important to know how to spot and correctly interpret an interested party’s signals. In this article we are going to delve into the flirting signals used by men.

Body language is very important to men, this is because they are not very comfortable with talking about their feeling they are more at home showing you how they feel. So when a man is willing to flirt, the first thing he will do is scan the room for signs of available females. After he has established his target, he will exhibit some signals. They are very visible and we will take a look at some of the easier ones to spot.

  • The first thing that you look for is his facial expression. When a man is interested  his face and body language are seemingly more open. This says that he is receptive, welcoming and that he is ready to mingle. His openness communicates to you that that is the real him and that he has nothing to hide.

  • The second most notable thing that a man might do when he is thinking about flirting is that he will stand tall and look as  manly as he possibly can. He will pose in a position that he is sure that you will notice him and admire him.

  • The third thing that will notice is that the man will sit with his legs apart and if he is upright he will not have his hand held up anywhere, they will be free. Most men do this to flirt but albeit unconsciously. This flirtation method by the man has very great significance. His hands are free and not blocking his body, this means that his full body is visible and is intended to send out the message that he is very fertile and virile.

  • The fourth thing is that he will attempt to look good for you. He will straighten his tie or collar no matter what erotic things he is thinking of doing with you at that moment. He will make every effort to look perfect for your meeting. He will clear his voice and attempt to deepen it to show his masculinity.

Flirting using body language by men is often used as a means of communication with a female before approach and during the actual meeting. This makes him more confident and his ego too is at a high here.  It is harmless to both parties and body language is often used to reassure the man to have courage to approach a beautiful woman.


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