A Little History About Company Lange Söhne

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Wristwatch or pocket watch made by Lange is one of the World’s best-made, and the company of Swiss Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin is one of the rivals for Lange Söhne, and they are heavy because of all the rivals who have the best quality in the world.
Pocket watch and clock company was founded by Ferdinand Adolph Lange in 1845 in the town of Glashütte region very close to the city of Dresden in the eastern state of Saxony. Lange companies led by Ferdinand himself, after he died then forwarded by the company’s business Lange children named Emil and his son Richard. Companies Lange made pocket watch with high quality products is the best product from the company and named Lange 1A. At any given time, the company Lange continued by his successor generation of the Lange family, and they make more progress with the way the company kept producing pocket watches and producing watches specifically for the German pilots in World War II, the watch is shaped clock hands has been modified.
Lange Soviets took over the company in 1948 in a war between the Soviet administration premises Germany, and the future of Lange was destroyed when it is. But after the collapse of East Germany in 1990 the grandson of Walter Lange opened the business back and fight from the lowest point, or struggling start from the starting point for establishing the company, and companies based in Glashütte Lange and open the exhibition at hand in 1994 they sold at hand with brand A. Lange and Söhne, until now they had made watches are still sold, even been sold to foreign countries, and today also were fake A Lange Söhne replica watches, replica makers make these watches as authentic watches made by A. Lange Shone price is enough to drain the bag, can make your bag dry, watch the original highly decorated luxurious range of luxury, but for those of you who want to enjoy the luxury of a little different from the production of Lange Shone watches you can buy a fake A Lange Söhne watches with price quite cheap.  


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