Sleep Disorders – You Can be a Victim

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 If you are also a victim of this disease and facing problems because of it then you have to go for a treatment in which you have to go for a doctor or take a medical prescription by which you can get rid of this disease. If you are facing sleep disorders then it is possible that you may have mental problems, kidney disease, neurological problem, etc.
Hear is the most important part of our body and coronary artery is the heart disorder by which sleep disorder can occur. Congestive heart failure is another disease due to which you can be a victim of sleep apnea. Our body needs a certain amount of blood and all the blood circulated to the body by the heart but if there is congestive heart failure then you the supply of blood to different parts of body can be affected due to which a sleep disorder can occur.
Let us talk about endocrine malfunction due to which you can face a sleep disorder. If you are facing problems with diabetes or thyroid then there is more chance that you will face sleep disorders. Our body stores different types of carbohydrates and proteins due to which we gain energy but due to diabetes this all process affected and restless leg syndrome (RLS) can be occur which is a sub category of sleep disorders. In case of thyroid, different types of hormones released by the gland by which the energy level of the body can be regulated due to which you will not be able to take complete night rest and face sleep disorders.
Now, talk about neurological disorders due to which you can also face a sleep disorder. Strokes, epilepsy, etc are the diseases due to which neurological disorder takes place and then sleep disorder takes place. By such diseases our whole nervous system can be affected and we feel difficulties in movements, in walking, etc. Insomnia is a sleep disorder which you can face in case of neurological disorders.
People who are suffering from respiratory diseases can also be a victim of sleep disorder. If there is asthma or chronic pulmonary disease then you will face sleep disorders because of such diseases. Insomnia can be the sleep disorder which you have to face. There are different people who are affected by asthma and at the same time they are facing sleep disorders like sleep fragmentation. In case of asthma the lungs can be affected and cause problems in breathing which leads a sleep disorder and you can’t take a good sleep.

There are different people who are suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc. These all are mental disorders and the people who are affected with such problems also have to face sleep disorder. Insomnia and sleep fragmentation are the sleep disorders that can be occurred in case of mental disorders.


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