The Vibrating Head

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Ah, I got you! You came here thinking this was to be a dirty little article didn’t you? Actually, it is, but not what you were thinking.

Let’s get our minds out of the gutter of sexual innuendo and into the mouth. On any given day, our mouth becomes the sewer that leads to the rest of our body. How we treat it can result in the effects of our own systems failing.

If you are like most people, you don’t think a lot about putting the tip of your pen or pencil in your mouth. You probably aren’t even shy about having the car keys in there or that check so you can free up your hands. You really need to think about what you are putting in your sewer system. All those foreign objects contain germs and our mouths have enough germs as it is. They don’t need extra.

Working in the dental field, I saw all kinds of mouths from healthy to down right disgusting. As such, you  learn to become immune to the way people treat the beginning of their sewer system, but  you also learn how to educate them.

Let’s take a look at some of the toothbrushes on the market and see if we can’t find one to help you keep your manhole cleaner.

Your toothbrush is your main tool in fighting the germs that can filter into the sewer system that starts with your mouth. In order to keep things clean, you need to find one that you are comfortable with and will use.

    * Standard – this is your basic toothbrush that ranges in a soft to medium head. They also come in varying sizes from infant to elongated adult heads. There is nothing special about this brush other than how comfortable it is in your hand and how well it fits in your mouth.
    * Electric – this is as close as you can come to the rotating cleansing action that you get when you go to the dentist. The electric toothbrush also comes in various sizes, shapes, and rotating action, as well as, being battery powered or rechargeable.
    * Sonic – this is your vibrating head toothbrush. Again, they range in size and shape, however, the bristles all vibrate away the gunk on our teeth and surrounding gums in order to clean efficiently.

How to Use Your Toothbrush

All of the toothbrushes are effective if you use them properly for how they are made. A standard toothbrush is no better than a sonic one if it is not being used.

    * Standard – with this brush you want to scrub in a rotating motion all the parts of the tooth it can reach.
    * Electric and Sonic – much of the manual scrubbing is taken out of the equation with these types of brushes. You will still want to clean all the surfaces of the teeth with these brushes.

Other Helpful Dental Health Tools

Floss – yeppers, I know this is the one area most people hate, but there are some great products on the market that do make this part of cleaning the sewer that much easier.

Mouth Rinse – these come with or without fluoride and in several different flavors.

Fluoride – if you live in an area where the water is not fluoridated, you might want to check out some of these or ask your dental professional about adding them to your routine.

Electric Waterpik – this is a great little product if you have problems with periodontal pockets or any level of gum disease. The water can be adjusted on most brands to vibrate into spaces our floss and brushes cannot reach.

Affordability of Toothbrushes

A good standard toothbrush can be had for free by simply visiting your dentist on a  regular basis. Relatively speaking, they are a good investment on the dollar and it can be wise to have a few extras on hand. I mean you just never know when little Suzie is going to decide the family pet needs to have their teeth brushed too!

Standard brushes can be picked up as cheaply as a buck at most local dollar stores. The spin brushes start out around the five dollar mark and really depend on whether you can change the head, battery etc when it comes to price. When you start talking about the more elaborate types they can get pricey but it really all depends on what you are comfortable with and what you want the brush to be able to do. For the ones that are battery powered, by a set of rechargeable batteries.

Check with your dental professional to see what they recommend. You might be surprised that they are helping a company by giving away the newest latest toothbrush on the market and you get to try it out for free just for asking what they think.

Still can’t decide, go online and do some research. Compare the items you think you like and read reviews of the products so that you can make an informed decision.


your mouth is the gateway to your overall health. Keep it clean!


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