Health-Care Please

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In my opinion all Americans should have health-care, food, and a warm place to live.

Am I aware that other counties have problems with giving their people health-care and other humane socialistic programs ? Yes I am, and believe it is the right thing to do.

What is so strange to me is that we as people accept the fact that we have food stamps, welfare, medicare, medicaid, medical care for the poor, medical care for prisoners, assisted living for the poor and old, lifetime benefits for any military person who either gets disabled or serves more than 20 years which includes pay and medical care for them and there entire family, medical care for veterans during war time at out veterans hospitals. I could go on and on about lifetime benefits for individuals who serve as President, in the Congress, Senate, and other political appointments.

What about all those benefits for firemen/women, policemen/women, civil servants, state workers, city workers, and any and all other workers who get a lifetime of medical care and a pension for life.

I’m exhausted because it seems all these people get medical care and lifetime retirement pay, why wouldn’t the rest of Americans agree hands down on having medical care ?

Am I crazy, or is this stuff I hear on television about President Obama and how he is a socialist and trying to get all Americans to become socialistic. Who is feeding you and I all this information ? I believe the media, the rich, and lobbyist for pharmaceutical company’s are trying to convince Americans that having health-care for all is socialist and is something we shouldn’t have. Remember we all ready have a form of socialism today with medicare, food stamps, welfare, almost free medical care for veterans, medical care for the poor, and so much more. 

I voted for President Obama and also support the health-care bill and support a much stronger health-care bill for all American’s. I want America to be strong and remain a place that is envious to all counties on this planet.

I hope that Americans will wake up and continue to support any health-care bill for all Americans. Why can’t we take care of the middle class who pays for this governments wars. schools, highways, military, and all other programs ?




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