I Sell My Car | How to Sell Your Car

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One important question most people have in their minds after a few years of purchasing their car is, “should I sell my car?” These questions creep into their minds because of the ever increasing availability of tempting new cars at low prices, or because they want to switch over to a luxurious car if they don’t have one. If I was one of them, I would make a list of reasons and then decide if I sell my car or not. If I decide to sell my car, what should be the next question that would come in my mind? How do I sell my car? Here are a few points that will walk you through the process that you need to follow if you decided to sell your car.

First I need to estimate what is the best price I should get for my car. There are different methods or modes from where you can get a good estimate about the current value of your car. Knowing the current price of the car is very important, as otherwise, there is a very good chance someone will trick you into accepting an amount far lower than your car’s actual value. If the car is on loan, before I sell my car, I should determine how much is still owed to the bank before evaluating the value of my car. This gives a better estimate of the amount I’ll receive after I sell my car. Also, the legality of selling such a car should be discussed with the bank.

Next big thing or the most important thing to know, before I sell my car, is to know how to find a buyer who is ready to pay the expected price of the car. Before I sell my car, I should prepare a list of potential buyers and choose the best of them all. Suppose, I sell my car and even after that I’m not able to clear the bank loan, then I might have to take a personal loan to clear the debt. So these were the few things I should keep in mind in case I decide to sell my car.


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