Fragrance For Men: Tips For Finding The Ideal

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Choose your fragrance man as olfactory

A good knowledge of olfactory fragrance helps to better understand what is really seeking. Particularly regarding male families, those of woodland and ferns are best suited to men. Yet there are still mixed families like citrus, leather and oriental.

– The woody scents: These perfumes are mainly composed of woody base notes such as cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, pine, vetiver … They are characterized by warm scents in part by Cerruti 1881 for men, Emporio ET d ‘Armani, Cacharel Amor pour Homme and many more.

– Perfumes ferns issue aromatic scents derived from a subtle blend of lavender and oak notes. The result is a mixed effect of heat and cold very successful. Examples of perfumes ferns: Burberry For Men, Paco Rabanne for Men, Drakkar Guy Laroche Black …

– The oriental perfumes: commonly called amber scents, these scents are mainly dominated by warm notes and slightly spicy as the case of Armani Black Code, the male of Gaultier, Lolita Lempicka masculine …

– The leather scents: the commonly used animal notes are in perfect agreement with those of tobacco and honey. These are often men’s fragrances worn by women.

– The citrus flavors are mixed fragrances suitable for both men and women. It is built in fresh water and citrus flavored with Roman, Thyne, tarragon … These perfumes are highly valued for their lightness and freshness.

Choose according to style

Find the perfect perfume man also uses a matter of style and personality. Athletes must choose, for example perfumes tonics, dominated by the fresh fruity notes and / or water as Lacoste, Aqua Bulgari Eau de Kenzo, Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani … The businessmen on the other hand, both virile and elegant, should think of spicy and woody notes that perfectly match their strong character. Choice Paco rabanncue Classic, Monsieur de Chanel, Dior Men … For those who love the smell and trends in the times, choose the fragrance Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Jean-Paul Gaultier or Hugo Boss. And if you’re looking for fragrance to attract and please women, do not hesitate to opt for gourmand notes with fragrances such as Gucci pour Homme II Men Prada, Yves Saint Laurent Opium …


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