Enforcing Judgment And Debts:

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 For example the business is in high level, the investor or the owner of the organization decided to expand his business, and he borrowed a large amount of money from the lender. Suddenly his business is a decline stage due to competitor’s activity.

                        So the businessperson cannot repay the amount to the lender or some other reason too. The lender gives the report to the court, but he did not give the money means, he would get the order from the court. They are of many steps they are, a warrant of execution, an attachment of earning order, a third party debt order, a charging order, bankruptcy preceding, winding up preceding. In other words, garnishee order, writ of execution for the levy of property and winding up preceding, these are the remedies of Enforcing Judgment and Debts

                        Examination is in the sense of notice like, bailiff to the borrowed person. It the examination hearing, the register asked the borrower about his financial position. He informs all the details to the court, suppose the borrower did not come means the court order to give the arrest warrant to the person. So you can appeal the court and get order from the court. This order is also known as a warrant of execution. The next step is an attachment of earning order.

                       Garnishee order, it means the apt to the judgment debt, if the borrower did not give any response to the order means, the court give another solution an attachment of earning order. It stops the wage of the defendant. It is the person is liable to the judgment debt. A third party debt order, it is the order which recovers the bank account of the defendant, otherwise seized the vehicles and so on, this order which may be called as writ of execution for the levy of property.

                      Next one is a charging order; it seized the defender’s house as well as the vehicles, bank account, and so on. Winding up preceding order is an order to correct his mistakes and repay the money to the person. The court allowed him to improve his business and repay the money to the person during a specified period of time. The gradual decrease of sales and production due to the competitor’s activity so he corrects his mistakes and come the established stage. Enforcing Judgments and Debts have many rules and order procedures they are:

                       Pursuit collection procedures, liabilities for unfair collection practices, provisional remedies: attachment: claim and delivery: receiverships, bankruptcy consideration, judgment liens of real property, judgment liens on personnel property, writ of execution, exemptions from enforcement of money judgments, wage garnishment, special enforcement procedures, thirdly-parts claims, enforcement of non money judgment endowment of sister state and foreign judgments, satisfaction of judgment, enforcement of judgment forms.



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