Restaurant Where Can You Determine The Price

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review restaurant, you can determine the price

Restaurant Where Can You Determine the Price

Deewan Restaurant in Vienna adopted a concept of unique and crazy “Pay As You Wish”.  If you have the right to determine its food prices.

Why is called unique?  During this time many new restaurants buffet dare apply the concept of “All You Can Eat” at a price that has been determined you can eat as much.  Until now only Resto Deewan dared to apply the concept, and the crazy thing is even the concept was launched at the Global Crisis.

Obviously with such a concept is a lot of people think if the restaurant Deewan will not last long or will lose money, but the results prove the fate Deewan not in line with the logic of economic principles to maximize profits.  Evidence, from year to year, Deewan continue to operate.  The customers came, ate, and some even pay a price more than expected.

Founded by a former student of philosophy, Natalie Deewan, inspired by the values ​​of human generosity from both giver and receiver.  Deewan Restaurant now located at Schottentor becomes a culinary favorite of tourists and backpackers.

Initially Deewan has set its own prices for food eaten, along with a bill that could Deewan set aside a piece of paper that read “Your Right Price….”  That’s where visitors who want to write down the price paid.

What about the taste and quality?

“For a concept like this (pay as you wish), sense of being number two, which is important hunger resolved,” Lena Weiss joked one of the people who come to Austria if you do not cook Deewan

Have Deewan have experienced financial crises during the run of this kind of business?

“No, frankly far enough to know the customers themselves with much they eat,” quipped one Deewan staff who refused to be named

The last question…  Could such a concept is applied in Indonesia?

If there is a restaurant that dared to implement this concept, in sure I will come to visit…

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