After Graduation: What Future? Maintaining The Momentum

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Most students graduating from the end of the month. When all these new job seekers enter the labor of what these graduates to consider moving to the next stage of their lives?

In this economy, finding a job straight out of college is a challenge, but there are some things students can do to start the job search on the right foot.

Now is the time to be aggressive, and goes to command mode. Do not put too much time in your curriculum, be overstated. CV is one page and easy to read. You spend days writing a cover letter? People like me almost never read them. When you get the 100 will continue on a daily basis, you need to stand out. The use of new tools and techniques that will help in job search. Join LinkedIn, to start a Facebook page, which focuses on the professional character.

Other tips that can be taken.

Consider moving to your parents. Less stress, requires less money and more time to seek employment. Plus a daily dose of advice can be a good source of motivation. Sorry parents .. It is a sign of the times.

If you can not find work, try to do voluntary work or unpaid internships. This is a great opportunity to hone your skills and connect to your field of study.

Network, network, network. Do not rely solely on the Internet … meet people in person. As the old saying goes, “sometimes it’s about who knows what he knows.”

Practice your interview skills! – Join a group like Toastmasters and hone their presentation skills.

Research company that interests you is not enough to send gobs and learning to all, Tom Dick and Harry. Refine your research and make sure you have a shiny, when the ability to connect.

Research the person you are. Did you go to the same school or have the same interests? This is a great way to start the conversation and make the interviewer like you. Remember … People hire people they like and nobody can be the best person in the role.

Focus on entry-level jobs, even if they are not in your area. You need to add experience to your resume. You may also need to get your hands dirty.

Good hunting!



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