Increase Firm Profit by Giving Gift

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Everyone loves to receive a gift, whether it is for a specific occasion such as a birthday or as a gesture of gratitude. Receiving a gift makes a person feel special and will ensure that they will always remember the giver in a positive light. Many businesses give gifts to their clients at holiday time, such as tins of different flavored popcorn or baskets of candies or baked goods. It is a way for the company to thank the clients for their business throughout the year. It will also ensure that the client will continue to use their services in the years to come.

However, there is no reason for a business to wait until the holidays to show gratitude towards its clients. Gifts are appreciated at any time of the year and can be as simple as treating a client to a catered breakfast or lunch or even just sending them a box of doughnuts or pastries. There are many different ways to show appreciation to your clients as well as appropriate times to present the gifts

When you establish relationships with new clients, make important notes such as the date the relationship began, the birthdays of the main people in the organization that you deal with and what their interests are. This will enable you to give anniversary presents, send birthday cards and include a gift that they will truly appreciate. For example, if the CEO of the company that you deal with enjoys golfing, there are many golf related gifts that you can give them, such as clocks or paper weights designed as a golf ball with your company’s name on it.

The gifts do not have to be expensive; sometimes a simple thank you card with a hand written message will suffice. These can be given for a business referral that your client gave you or for a job well done on a specific transaction. It’s also important to remember other personnel of the company such as the secretaries and receptionists. These people act as the main liaison between you and your contact at the organization, so they should be remembered as well.

When sending a gift or card, be sure that your company name and phone number are on it. It’s good to send gifts that can be used over and over again, so that the name of your company is often in their sight. These can include note pads, calendars and pens. The expense for these gifts can be written off as a business expense, so be sure to keep detailed records of them including the receipts. Whenever possible, present the gift in person because that person receiving the gift will remember that you took time out of your busy day to say thank you. It’s a great way show your client that you appreciate them and will prompt them to refer other business to you as well.


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