Include Our Poor People in Our Development: Rahul Gandhi

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Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while interacting with the media said  “In Orissa the mining policy needs to be made transparent, because it robs huge number of poor people. Fundamentally believe that we have to include our poor people in our development and corruption most harms the poorest of the poor. It harms the tribals, it harms the poor farmers.
The response of the government as far as terrorism is concerned has been very very prompt. Mr Chidambaram is leading that effort and we are responding in quite a organised fashion. The monetary grant Orissa is getting today is unparallel. The centre is sending around 33 thousand crores. Today it’s not the question of money because today centre has enough money. The real issue is it’s implementation. We have sent MGNREGA which is the most dynamic and powerful programme. Our poorest of the poor gets benefitted. If you ask the poor which govt programme is best for them, they tell you it’s MGNREGA. Why , because it puts money into their pocket. Yesterday I asked in the meeting in the tribal area about this scheme. They were not aware of it. The biggest employment programme of the world which is their national right but they don’t know about it. General distribution of funds here in Orissa is ineffective here. We send the money which is supposed to be implemented by the state government, the implementation is not taking place.

We wanted to help the poor people of Bundelkhand and we worked on the package. Right in the beginning it was pretty clear that there would be problems wit delivery and specifically would like to say with corruption.

Bhatta Parsaul,Tappal they are about land rights. But they are primarily about corruption. What is happening there is that the land of poor farmers is being sold out. That’s exactly the same thing what’s happening in Bundelkhand. The package that has been sent by the Government of India is basically being stolen by the administration of the state. We have raised these points in depth in UP. You know my work in Bundelkhand, in Bhatta Parsaul, the padyatra,got the CBI enquiry in the CMO murder. UP govt is specialising in corruption. Have spoken to the central govt about getting the package audited   We can do that.  But as long as the govt in the state does not have the will to implement it , it’s futile. In UP unfortunately corruption has become a way of the government. But we are fighting them.”


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