Michael Calderone, Las Vegas, NV – Says Horse Racing Can Thrive Once Again

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He’s not a gambler, but he does love the sport of horse racing. Not only is horse racing exciting, but Michael Calderone of Las Vegas, NV knows that it is the fans participation, whether betting or owning horses, that makes the sport thrive.

Michael Calderone still believes that horse racing had great potential and could thrive once again like it once did 30 years ago.  Yes, there is a lot of competition now from other sports and gambling opportunities are a dime a dozen, but very few sports or casino games offer a true combination of skill and luck that is required to become a successful participant.

Horse Racing Simulation, through Mike Calderone’s vision, will become the tool that brings together both the novice horse racing fan and the seasoned horse racing veteran, where they can participate together in a robust virtual world that emulates real horse racing.

“Today the number one form of entertainment is gaming.  I don’t mean gambling.  According to Nielsen, approximately 10% of a consumer’s discretionary spend goes toward some sort of gaming application.  That can be console games, social games, even mobile games”, said Michael Calderone.  “What is important is that today’s consumer thrives on not only playing games, but interacting with others in a social environment, and we’re going to take advantage of this opportunity on behalf of horse racing.”

Every major sport has a successful game platform. Horse Racing Simulation, headed by Michael Calderone, plans on making Horse Racing Fantasy the official game of horse racing.  We’re implementing strategic partnerships with powerful organizations tied to horse racing.  We are trying to become the glue that unifies independent operators through a customizable social gaming platform.

Virtual horse racing
can be very popular. It has all the right ingredients.  It’s exciting, yet at the same time, it is statistical, similar to what you would find in traditional fantasy sports games.  It is just a matter of finding enough sports enthusiasts and making them aware that an application like this exists and placing them in a social environment where they can interact with not just other gamers, but horse racing enthusiasts as well.  As Calderone’s company emulates the sport of horse racing, they are simultaneously building the next generation of racing fans.  And, the fans are being educated in a way that is entertaining through a game platform, which is exactly the form of entertainment the public is thriving on.


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