Making Dollars by Phone

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Yesterday, out of the blue, I got a call from some salesman in Michigan. Nice guy, I enjoyed the chatter. He was friendly enough, listened to me blather when I thought it was someone else, and even laughed at the noisy background in my office – since I work from home. As the conversation went on, he was promising me the moon, and giving me a “curiosity pitch”.

Now, I grew up on Amway, and I don’t mind telling you, I sold soap, I bought groceries with money earned from selling soap, and I sponsored people into the business to ‘sell soap’. It wasn’t a secret, and I didn’t have a problem telling my friends I had available the best soap on the market. It irritated the daylights out of me when some new guy on the block came in and started talking to my people using the ‘curiosity approach’.

The salesman from Michigan wasn’t selling soap, but his lame curiosity approach hit me like a load of bricks. I made the phone call out of curiosity, but at no point during the call was I interested in purchasing his product, and particularly NOT when I found out I would be lining his pocket with $1,000 while purchasing a product for $1,499 to learn how to ‘pull in a candidate’ and line my own pocket with a $1,000 sale. Uhhh… something wrong here? Before my prospect has made a dime, I just ripped him for a thousand dollars. There’s a better way.

Whatever product I sell, whether it be soap, Amway still makes the best laundry products in the world, or some other product, my objective is NOT to make a mint on a few customers, but rather to provide a quality product at a reasonable price and show my client how to do the same thing. If my prospect is interested in making money, I will show him how to have confidence in the product and sell the product, outright.

Curiosity has an appeal, but I believe it makes more enemies than friends. If you have a product you are proud of – what are you waiting for? TELL The World!

If you can’t make your millions selling your product at a reasonable price, I can assure you, you won’t make them a thousand dollars at a whack. Oh, sure you may make a few thousand – may even make a million once. But how many thousand people do you really think are out there that will buy into the same game plan?

Be reasonable, sell your product for reasonable prices, have some quality in the package, and make a reasonable profit. Once the word gets out, you’ll sell more. And each person didn’t have to come up with a week’s salary (or more) to buy into your game plan.

Yes, you can make a million dollars on the phone. You can do it one call at a time, or you can do it with conference calling features. My point is – do it in a way that builds integrity. Don’t use the curiosity approach to ad-nauseum; you’ll kill more prospects than you sell.


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