Doing Aggressive Marketing

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Online business owners, seem to prefer Online
Advertising options. But why stop there? You can reach a whole new
market by taking your advertising efforts “offline”. Adding Offline
Advertising to your Online Advertising can help your business
in ways that you have never imagined!
I’m not talking about Direct Mail. That can be very costly.
Keeping your costs down, especially when starting a new business
should always be a top priority.

So how to you advertise “offline”, inexpensively? It’s easier than
you think.
Flyers are a great, inexpensive way to advertise offline.

Create an eye catching flyer that provides tear offs and post them in
your local shopping center, schools, or other places that allow you to
post flyers. When people pass by your flyer, they can tear off your
information. Fast and convenient.

Keep copies of flyers in your car and carry them wherever you go. You
never know when you may find a place to post them. Then once a week,
go back to where you placed the flyers and replace them with new ones.

Chances are your tear offs will be gone and you need a fresh one to
replace it !

If you are looking to widen your reach, ask your subscribers if they
would like to become helpers. Mail some flyers to them and ask them
to post them in their local supermarkets and schools and any other place
that allows postings. You might want to offer them a small gift for
doing this for you. You will be surprised as to how many people will
do this for you.
It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Another inexpensive way is to create business cards. I have found
that many places like beauty salons, mom and pop stores, stationery
stores and other business establishments, will allow you to leave
business cards on their counters. So why not get a few hundred Biz
Cards printed up and start leaving them wherever you go? Send some to
family , friends and to your helpers. I personally use They are inexpensive and the quality is Top Notch.

Go ahead, add Offline Advertising to your campaign and BECOME that
aggressive marketer!


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