8 Tips Presents Fresh And Healthy Air At Home

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If you have been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, have taken steps to ensure that the air around you fresh, healthy, and free of irritants that can cause your condition to deteriorate. Here are some tips that will help you keep the air fresh and healthy at home.

Reducing animal fur

Pet dander is a threat to asthmatics, as well as for those who have allergies. To you who have contact with pets, wash their hands after playing with them and try not to let the beast inside your bedroom.

Stay away from wood fireplace

Fireplace wood into heating the house that gives the impression of old-fashioned and romantic. However, fireplaces and wood produces carbon soot which will go into the lungs and cause difficulty breathing if you do not have a good ventilation system. Replace with an electric fireplace that gives a feel similar to wood fireplace, but not dangerous.

Avoid strong smelling chemical cleaners

For hygiene problems, you should stop using cleaning products that have a strong scent. Odor may irritate your lungs. Choose cleaning products with no scent and avoid strong smelling products, such as perfumes, air fresheners, and hair spray.

Reduce the presence of dust mites

Dust mites are the main triggers for people who suffer from COPD. Switch to foam pillows, not feather. Find a pillowcase and mattress proven antitungau. Also, wash your linen sheets in water temperature above 54 degrees Celsius once a week to reduce dust mites.

Check the stove regularly

Gas coming out of the stove can worsen the condition. Choose a gas stove with an automatic igniter because the amount of gas coming out of the tool is less.

Investment in air filter

This tool helps filter out all the fine particles in the air that might get into the lungs. So, invest in ventilation systems that have the air filter and make sure you replace the filter regularly.

Use the dryer air (dehumidifier)

Fungi thrive in environments that have high water content. And we how the fungus can cause damage to the respiratory system. For this reason, keep your home humidity levels remain below 40 percent with the help of a dehumidifier.

Keep the window remains closed

Allergens and particles from the polluted outdoor air can affect lung health significantly. If you live in a city vulnerable to the accumulation of dust, the best solution is to keep the windows remain closed during the hours when air pollution is very high. But if you just finished cleaning the room, then leave the windows open to remove the smell of cleaning agents.


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