Commercial Cleaning: Landing Deals With Appointment Setting

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Commercial cleaners before have yet to find the proper marketing strategy to work for them. TV commercials are too costly. Print or radio ads might not do the right job. It was all downhill for the business. Not until appointment setting came in and saved the day for commercial cleaners. Business owners swear by this strategy that has not only given them revenue, but also gave a new lease on their businesses.

Commercial cleaners work for other businesses. Big or small ones, whichever might need their services, they certainly need to deliver. It is undeniable that there are already a lot of cleaning services providers out there and each and every one has their own racket. One thing is for sure though, getting a good client base, more leads, and more chances to talk to prospective clients will surely give the company the boost it needs. So just what is appointment setting? And just how can it help the ordinary commercial cleaning company owner?

Appointment setting is generally a third party service. In the most basic sense, appointments are set for companies with prospective clients. They discuss the service, the price, and the perks and the deal is closed. Easy enough right? But just how does it all happen? How did appointment setting tip the once hard stern turn of the commercial cleaning business?

It all starts with a telemarketing company. This specific telemarketing company employs professional telemarketers. Now these telemarketers engage in B2B lead generation. They do what we call â??cold callingâ? and this enables them to generate leads and appointments. Some clients settle for leads in a pay per lead basis. Although this is not a surefire way to get a deal, it does give the client a good client base to work with. Practical business owners can avail of what they call pay per appointment scheme. Wherein instead of paying a set monthly fee, commercial cleaning company owners basically just pay the telemarketing company for every appointment they set. All of these appointments set are all pre-qualified and are assured to be of good quality. Meaning they are not just any random business given a random call asked by random questions. They are properly qualified to make sure they meet the clientsâ?? standards and that they actually have the capacity and the need to avail the service.

The prequalification of leads ensures that the telemarketing company wonâ??t just be giving fake or bad quality leads to its clients. With the criteria set by the client, this helps is narrowing down the target market for prospective customers. This in turn helps the telemarketing company correctly pinpoint the correct businesses who are indeed in need and are actually qualified to avail of the service.

Aside from assuring quality appointments and leads, some telemarketing companies also give a failsafe policy wherein if a certain appointment doesn’t push through, the telemarketing company replaces it with another one free of charge. And because its pay per appointment method, it means clients wonâ??t be wasting any more funds on unwanted procedures or bad appointments.

Appointment setting not only provides a commercial cleaning company savings or time. It also ensures a good client base for the company. With this, coupled with sheer business magic, any cleaning company can work their way towards the top. Because in the basic sense, bigger client base would equal more people to work for, and more people to work for means more revenue for the company, more revenue also means a happy company owner.


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