How to Live

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How to Live

Rules 1-5

  1. If you don’t particularly like children do not have them. It is not acceptable to have a child to boost your social standings or forward your crappy position in life. Welfare is not a good reason to have a child.

     2. Money has nothing to do with what kind of a parent you are. Be rich or poor we should all universally treat children with the same sense of awe and respect. Giving a child things does not equate parenting in any way. Children want there parents to care about them and not try to buy there love, it doesn’t work anyway.

     3.  We either sacrifice for our children or we sacrifice our children. Do not be fooled into thinking that you can have a child and have a life. The child is your life now. You can not do what you want to anymore. The child rules now. I am not saying that you can’t get a babysitter and go out. What I am talking about is an idea. The idea of freedom really breeds neglect as far as the child is involved. There must be an urgency to nurture the child, primarily.

     4.  Children should not be controlled. Children need to be guided and protected only by us. Your children are not your property. You cannot treat a child any way you like just because it is your child. All though the child is your child in this country a child is such an important part of the whole that we all watch them. Amber alerts and stories of people pulling in front of “suspected” child abductors for law enforcement all tell the tale. We are all watching.

       5.   Look at your children when you talk to them. Show your children that you are paying attention. It is so so so crucial to let your child know that they are special to you. The little nuances that make a child happy and content are based in the idea of support, comfort and stability. Children will go through anything with you and be ok as long as they know that you will be honest and compassionate.

            How to Live written 7/13/11

            atwater, cbbs 


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