Biomass | How We Can Make a Positive Difference With Biomass

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The increasing population on our planet and depleting energy resources are putting a massive pressure on countries to find alternative sources of energy like biomass. Fossil fuels are being used up at an alarming rate. The requirement is so high that the sheer thought of running out of energy could cause a shudder especially in the developed and rapidly developing countries. Biomass comes out as a welcome alternative in not only providing sustainable source for energy, but also an alternative that is cleaner and cheaper, initiating strategies across the planet to enhance its popularity.

What makes biomass so wonderful a prospect is its renewability. Recycling and renewing have been buzzwords amongst environmental groups for quite a while, but biomass offers a very practical and balanced option where all the concerned parties are happy. Since biomass is obtained from harvested wood, industrial and animal waste, one can safely say that biomass offers two pronged benefits. On one end, we find a good way of utilizing what was considered garbage until now, thereby cleaning up in a more efficient way. Secondly, we have found a good way of setting in place a system that will run on its own. For example, if a part of the energy requirement of a factory can be met by the biomass obtained from the industrial waste of the factory itself, then it lowers the cost and the wastage significantly.

Apart from offering a reliable source of clean energy, biomass also offers the additional advantage of cost saving, which is a significant factor, especially since the last recession. Biomass ensures that energy costs stay low. Therefore, biomass leads to a reduction in the production expenses and hence the end consumer can benefit from the lower prices too. Most importantly, biomass offers reduced cost and wastage while constantly contributing much less to environmental pollution than the conventional fossil fuels including coal, diesel or petrol. Given the ever increasing threat of global warming and the depletion of ozone layer, biomass as a way of producing clean energy offers a great lifeline to industrial development. It is one of the easiest ways for us to retain the goodness of the environment for our future generations to enjoy.


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