You Could Save $360 a Year With a Prepaid Cell Phone

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Many people are realizing they are being taken for a cleaning on cell phone plans and have reverted to the option of prepaid cell phone service.  Most people cringe at the idea of renewing their contracts because of that feeling of being trapped for 2 more years.  Prepaid cell phone service has had a stigma in the past of being only for people with bad credit, but in past years all the major carriers have begun to offer all the same features of a plan including fantastic choices of phones and services, sometimes for less than you would pay to be in a contract!  Why then would anyone want to remain in a contract if its the same features for less money… this is usually only the cost effective in comparison to individual service plans.  It is usually better to remain in a contract if you have more than 1 line on your service plan.  You would just have to do a comparison against what you’re now paying, and what it would cost for 2 individual prepaid lines.  But for an individual either with bad credit avoiding a costly security deposit, or for those trying to be smart about their budgets, you can have control over your cell phone costs.  

Prepaid service offers all of the same services you get with a contract:

  • unlimited talk, text, and data

  • free long distance, call forwarding, voicemail

  • great choice of phones at reasonable prices if you know where and how to shop for them

  • same great coverage areas, with 3G coverage also

I find that AT&T™ has the most attractive prepaid cell phone service for individuals.  They have coverage in most any place you may go.  The AT&T™ Go Phone® has various price and plan options you can pick from, and even though they sell these with limited device choices, in actuality you can pop the SIM card out of the AT&T™ Go Phone® and put it in almost any AT&T™ wireless device.  One of their most attractive plan options is the $2 a day on the days you use it –  unlimited talk and text, to which you can optionally add a reasonably priced monthly data package on top of.  No deposits, no credit checks, no hassles.  I have a gorgeous Samsung touch screen that I bought off Ebay for a great price, added the SIM card that I had also bought off Ebay and boom the max I will spend every month is $60, less if I don’t use it every day which I usually don’t!  As a comparison, I previously had a contract with one of their competitors and my bill ran $90 a month if I stayed under my anytime minutes and didn’t go over 500 texts per month, it was not unlimited talk and text.  $30 or more difference per month, equals at least $360 in savings per year!


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