Philosophy of Life

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Ever wondered how your life would have turned around if you just had selected the other option. For example if you had gotten into another school or took another job or maybe skipped few things. I am damn sure everyone wants to change everything by  adding  some more to it to make it better or maybe best. But what if i tell that whatever you did till  now, was meant to be done, even if these decisions have worsened our life. It is just like the universe is doing all the stuff, we are just puppets of time, we are given certain commands to do this job or activity and we have to follow them. Like I was supposed to write this article and you were meant to read it.

But today my friends this will tell you how to do things in your own way, there will be no pressure on you, no burden nothing whatsoever, you must be thinking what the heck am I saying? We already do things in our own way, yeah most of you think this way only.

Alright I take my example only when I was a kid my parents used to tell me to eat, to go to school, to do homework and sleep early. Today I do the same thing but with some changes like my friends tell me to hang out, don’t worry about assignments and other stuff also. See these all things are interrelated with each other. The biggest drawback of ours is that we always make decisions because others want us to make them, we take them as our topmost priority, in simple language imagine if a student  who has opt for engineering, he thinks that when he will graduate, he could get job easily, companies would offer him, so let’s take this stream but he forgets that, the decision he is taking now was dependent on others if he don’t become successful he will regret in future.

But on the other hand if that person had taken that decision by himself/herself only like he had given much thought, planning, time and most important patience while doing something, that person is now sure to find greater opportunities and most importantly achieve goals and milestones.

And always remember that everything in life whether it is good or bad it was suppose to happen, no one can escape from it, but one has the power to stand in front of it and most importantly change it because otherwise this life of ours will be fruitless, boring and with no goals to aim at.  For instance what would it be like if your favorite TV show or magazine kept on repeating the same stuff, how would that be like? So it is the rule of nature to change and every person has to follow that rule.


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