Life in Perspective

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One evening, I was out for a walk, surveying the town

With no special purpose, just looking around

Suddenly, browsing past buildings and shops

One in particular, made me stop.

There was a small poster outside a front door

Reading: “This is the place for your ‘SEE THE WORLD TOUR'”

I looked it up and looked it down

Debated on it, kicked it around

“Maybe, I should see some sights!”

Thought more about it and decided I might.

So, I I turned the handle and walked through that door

Saw an old wooden desk and a dusty floor.

Then an ancient man’s voice croaked: “Whatcha here for?”

“Well, I saw your light and the poster outside

And I thought: This is the place!

Where do I sign?!”

He peered at me with squinty eyes

Through cigar smoke, he coughed, then sighed:

“Don’t get me wrong son, there’s been plenty before

But, what was ya thinkin’ when ya come in that door?”

“Ya know, I was young once, but don’t remember when

See my wrinkles? I got them then

The ones just below my ears

They’re from chasin’ rainbows so many years

And them ya see around my eyes?

They’re from livin’ a thousand lies

These on my lips, you see right here

They’s from lovin’ and tastin’ a million tears

This old back that’s all crooked and bent

It earned me fortunes I somehow spent

And my legs, they just don’t walk no more

The way yours could comin’ in my door

I’ll tell ya’ now what that poster is for:

No more of this world will you ever see

Than standin’ there lookin’ across at me

Now, go live your life as the best man you can be

That in itself will be my fee.”

I wrote this poem in 1983 and never published it. At the time, I was not really writing it as a motivational tool or success guide. It just kind of came to me, as so many of my better ideas often do.

In retrospect, after unearthing this from my files recently, I just felt that it has an inspirational quality and I felt compelled to share it with you all. I hope you find some value in it!


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