Do You Know About The Dangers of Tattoos on Your Children’s Health?

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Here is the information all parents should have to help them with their children who may be under peer pressure to get themselves, as they so like to call it,  inked!

Recently pier pressure has increased as television celebrities and sports people from all over the world get themselves tattooed, this may be fine for people over the age of 18 and in a profession where they have already a certain kudos and where being inked actually adds value to their celebrity status, however this can mean quite the opposite for your child.

“Tattoo” or as the first written reference is thought to be the Samoan “Tatau” is an ancient ritualized method of body art and for showing status within ones clan or tribe,  However little is ever said about the risks involved, especially when it comes to our most valuable people and our future minds, our children.

Apart from the physical damage a tattoo can cause, including death in some cases due to infections that can and have caused dramatic heart and lung infections, the physiological damage can also have a dramatic affect, certainly when it comes to young folk who under pressure from their so called friends go out and get the most ridiculous tattoos done by unscrupulous so called “artists” who will stick their needles into any skin to fill their pockets, regardless of age or mental aptitude, no questions asked, just because they themselves find it cool to get inked!

Take the case of a 16 year old girl, in the United Kingdom, she came home “branded” with a totally inappropriate “100% welsh lamb” on her rear, her mother was naturally outraged that the tattoo “artist” had not even the intelligence to ask the girl how old she was or if she was really sure about having such a brand on her posterior, like a piece of meat. However, much worse are the cases of cheap kits available to minors who are now able to tattoo themselves, the increasing amount of pressure from piers is certainly attributable to the massive increase in young people taking the an uninformed decision to brand themselves in this way.

On many Tattoo web sites, it is obvious that tattoo artist use insinuation to avidly promote getting around the under tattoo age law by advising the under age seeker of a tattoo to at least inform their parents before going out and having “I am a retard” or some other piece of text or saying from a song or from popular street talk.

In California, a man was reported of dying from a massive heart and lung infection that ravaged uncontrollably through his body, the report goes on to explain that it was this young mans fault as he suffered from a heart disorder, however one beckons to ask, is it not time that tattoo artists themselves are coached in such a way as to avoid under age embarrassing tattoos and under age deaths from infection due to their handy work, Is it not he tattoo artists themselves who should be aware of the dangers and discuss with potential clients the plus and mainly minus points of getting inked?  A simple driving license, proof of age check would certainly save much anguish amongst families.

Not only is it imperative that our children avoid being branded for life, it is important they do not enter into this tattoo culture before a reasonably informative age, Gang membership is also a rather important issue here, yes indeed, If your child ends up being branded with a gang tattoo or a tattoo that a gang sees as similar to a rival gang, they may end up the victim of gang violence, many cases of gang violence come down purely and simply to mistaken identity.

There are many examples of this, you live in Los Angeles, your kid likes lions, and he or she gets inked with a beautiful lions head on their lower forearm, great he or she thinks! They go to a dance or club, guess what? At that dance there is a few members of a well known latin gang who also use this as their gang ID, these guys catch sight of your innocent Childs tattoo, meant only as a little bravado and who knows what could happen next.  

Finally the big HIV question, this is a big question for you to answer, with just a little research in the right places, we can establish that tattoo artists are not renowned for their moral standards when it comes to protecting their clients against ridicule, mistaken identity, job exclusion or even death, so why do all the young people who go to them for ink just blindly accept and rely on these individuals to keep their needles clean, having a tattoo is not much short of undergoing a small medical procedure and you don’t go to some one who has a licence that they happen not to have a criminal record or are not an alcoholic for that, you find a medical professional who has studied medicine and has trained to psychoanalyse a patients ability to undergo a certain procedure or not.

Keeping all this in mind and taking into account that this article has been extensively researched, it may be wise to take more care and pay more attention to this issue within our western society, it is an increasing problem that quite frankly, undermines our children’s mental and physical state and furthermore, undermines their success due to social branding.


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